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In Astronomy, a “parsec” is a measurement of lightyears. Parsec, a ServiceNow™ partner powered by V-Soft labs, lives up to its namesake by bringing you lightning-speed service without compromising quality. Whether you need assistance with implementation, custom integration, or addition products to enhance your ServiceNow™ instance, Parsec meets all your needs.

Hatfield Media has had a long-standing relationship with Parsec’s parent company, V-Soft Consulting, since our team developed and designed their company’s website. Hatfield Media was delighted to reunite with V-Soft Consulting and take on their next web development project.


Parsec - Web Design by Hatfield Media


Headquartered in Louisville KY, Parsec is a global company with offices in Chicago, Denver, Atlanta, Madison, Harrisburg PA, and Toronto Canada. The company’s mission aligns with the values of its parent-company, V-Soft Consulting: “To be a global leader that leverages innovation and the power of people to build tomorrow's solutions.”

V-Soft Consulting is an award-winning, U.S. based corporation providing information technology consulting. V-Soft brings compelling value to the American Enterprise through innovative solutions, hybrid sourcing, and industry-leading agile practices. Having served industry-leading companies since 1997, V-Soft delivers innovative technology solutions for today’s complex business challenges.

With Parsec, V‑Soft offers a unique blend of experience to the ServiceNow™ space, including affordable licensing, consulting, turn‑key solutions, mobile app development, and staffing. Few partners have the breadth of resources that V‑Soft brings to their partners and clients.

ServiceNow™ is at the forefront of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and continues to grow exponentially. ServiceNow™ transforms IT and the enterprise and is now a career strategy for leading CIOs. The program provides solutions across the entire enterprise and makes the business decision-making process more efficient.


Hatfield Media’s creative team welcomed the opportunity to once again collaborate with V-Soft Consulting. Our team produced a website that would brand the Parsec service under V-Soft Labs as its own entity. We incorporated elements from the V-Soft’s brand standards to highlight the connection but also make the Parsec brand distinctive.

Our designers also developed live animations to make the site more interactive and engaging. Parsec’s website contains modern elements similar to those created for V-Soft’s website, with branded-color gradients and overlayed blocks of content. The entire site has been built to function responsively and at its maximum potential.


It’s always a pleasure to work with V-Soft Consulting. We’re so proud to see the new Parsec site in action, but we’re even prouder of the strong relationship we’ve built from our collaboration on these projects.

“This is the second website project we’ve worked on with Hatfield Media and have plans for more in the future!” said Michael Ross, Director of Marketing at V-Soft Consulting, “Christina, our account manager, is great to work with, and we are always blown away by the design team. They take our ideas (the good, the bad and the ugly) and collaborate to create a beautiful end result.”

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