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Becoming A Magnetic Force

Focusing on quality, teamwork, and partnerships with their customers, Quadrant Magnetics specializes in producing permanent magnetic materials and assemblies. Valuing the quality and understanding they have with their clients, Quadrant Magnetics strives to be the best material science company in the industry by not only collaborating with their customers, but exceeding their expectations. “We don’t just view them as patrons, we build partnerships. We want to make sure that what we say we can do, we do well,” said Rebecca Newcomer, Quadrant Magnetics Business Development and Technical Sales Engineer. 

Quadrant Magnetics wanted a website that was faster and multi-device friendly, with enhanced content that focused on customer expectations. Made for a new generation of engineers and clients, the new website is high-tech, modern, and straight to the point. “The new website promotes us, just by exploring the internet. We wanted to have retention time and get away from the boring, confusing, old-generation websites,” said Rebecca.

Quadrant Desktop 2


Equipped for a hands-on experience, one of the main features of the website is the interactive magnetics calculator. Other prominent aspects of the design are the multiple videos of their sophisticated automation lines, animations under each of the industries on the homepage, and the capabilities web. “Seeing our facility and how much we grew is very important to our customers, but we also realize how much the capabilities web drew viewers in. People are always asking us about what we can do in comparison to primary magnets,” said Rebecca.

“I can’t say enough about the product animations,” said Hatfield Media Front-End Web Developer, Jeremy Bratcher. “The industry pages really engage the user with just the right amount of information and intensity, while the ‘About’ page illustrates the company’s history slide-by-slide.” Displaying Quadrant Magnetics’ values and showcasing their identity by highlighting their products, the cutting-edge animations from the video team, slick design, and user interface from the web development team, place them up front and center. “The navigation and scrolling features on the site are what really set it apart. There's a fine line between giving the visitor a new and exciting journey to explore, and just confusing them until they give up. We believe the Quadrant Magnetics site is both intriguing without abandoning intuition," said one Hatfield Media Graphic Designer.

Believing in the variety of their industries and green initiatives, the personalized videos of the facility encapsulate the driving force behind Quadrant Magnetics. “We’re really pleased that we got to carry out our brand and are very proud of the new slogan at the end of our videos,” said Rebecca. “We wanted the website to reach a broad range of audiences that kept the viewers intrigued and informed about all of our capabilities, and we feel like this website does that.”


The new website engages customers with its product animations and endorses Quadrant Magnetics with its eye-catching design. Incorporating the high-tech animations with different web automations, the project demonstrates the technological achievements that Hatfield Media is capable of, especially when the different departments combine their efforts. "Our goal was to match the cutting-edge technology that Quadrant Magnetics offers, with a site that felt just as forward thinking," said one graphic designer, "the Quadrant team really set us loose to design a modern site that broke tradition and excited the user. We wanted anyone who visited the site to know right away that they were going to experience something different.”

“The Quadrant Magnetics project was an opportunity to do something distinctive,” said Hatfield Videographer, Douglas Grillo. "We wanted something people would immediately recognize, but that felt very technological at the same time. We came up with the idea of a blueprint or wireframe that would reveal the object, while still emphasizing the magnets. Based on the designs, I used a blue palette on each of the 3D models, surrounded by two orbing lights, in order to give the effect of an encompassing force.” The biggest challenge for the team was making the animations visually powerful while still working on a website that used a faster response throughout the interface and loading times. “The gurus in the web development department made it happen by compressing the image and other technicalities.”

“Hatfield was very responsive and flexible with all of the last-minute changes and demands. They helped capture our vision right from the start, exceeding our expectations with the creativity they used to animate our customer industries. Focusing on every little detail, they used our color scheme throughout the site to showcase the theme of Quadrant Magnetics. We’re excited about the heat-mapping. It looks great!” said Rebecca.

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