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Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Nadus Films is an award-winning production company that provides creative visual services to agencies, brands, and organizations seeking a superior story and picture. From household brands to small non-profit organizations, Nadus Films seeks to “make films that make a difference” and to tell a compelling story in every project they take on.

At the core of Nadus Films lays a strong desire to use visual storytelling to change the world and impact our culture for good. The company has consciously partnered with organizations that share their vision and mission. They’ve traveled wherever it takes to tell a story, with 75% of their client base being international.

Nadus Films has built an impressive portfolio over the years, having partnered with celebrated companies such as the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, the NFL, PBS, Samtec, and Old Forester. The company has produced promotional videos and short films for worthy causes such as the Chris Long Foundation to promote World Water Day 2019 and the Friends of the Good Samaritans, as well as critically acclaimed, award winning feature-length films like BBoy For Life.

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Nadus Films contracted Hatfield Media to provide a comprehensive website redesign. Our team overhauled the website’s content and functionality, making the new website more responsive and easy-to-digest.

The newly designed services page delineates their services clearly. New pages dedicated to commercial work and documentary projects showcase the company’s diverse portfolio, as well as emphasize their capabilities in these areas. The Hatfield Media creative team also cleaned up the website’s homepage, crafting digestible content that directs the user to clear call-to-actions.

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Hatfield Media is proud to have partnered with such an authentic and innovative company as Nadus Films. They truly capture the messaging your brand has to offer, and as a result, Nadus produces an all-around more effective form of storytelling. We thrilled with how this redesign turned out, and we look forward to building on this partnership in the future!

“For 15 years we’ve made films that make a difference, but without the market impact we’ve been happy with,” said filmmaker and company founder, Coury Deeb. “Hatfield Media stepped in authoritatively and helped us position our website and SEO in a way where we’re seen more, established better and therefore allowing us to do more. Hatfield Media has strategically helped position us to do more.”

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