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Located in the heart of the Schnitzelburg neighborhood of Louisville, Monnik Beer  Co. has been locally brewing craft beers since 2015. With a curated selection of 20 beers on tap featuring a mix of flagships, rotating seasonals and one-off brews, and a menu inspired by American and European traditions, owners Brian Holton and Ian Luijk are committed to growing their presence in Kentucky’s brewery community. The company has recently ventured into canning their beers for local distribution in an effort to expand their presence. In short, excellent beer is what they do.

Monnik Beer Co. seeks to foster a place of community within their taproom. Holton, Luijk, and the team hold themselves to a high standard; they strive for “excellence in everything, even if that even if that translates to taking more time and effort.” Their values, which include living a life of purpose, intentionally, and integrity, influence the importance they place on sourcing local ingredients and delivering quality food and beer.

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When Monnik Beer Co. contracted Hatfield Media to redesign their website, our creative team stayed true to the company’s established brand. By moving the site onto our platform, we were able to solve a number of backend issues that prevented the site from running at peak performance.

Our design team used elements of Monnik Beer Co.’s branding throughout the site and incorporated some newer designs that had not yet been implemented on the new site. The revamped menu page allows for smooth navigation and user-friendly accessibility. An overview video was inserted into the homepage’s banner to better communicate the company’s style and brand.

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At Hatfield Media, we value creativity, diligence, and above all, integrity. We were honored to have partnered with Monnik Beer Co.’s team, who demonstrates these values in every aspect of their business. We look forward to partnering with Monnik Beer Co. on more projects in the future.

“Working with Hatfield Media has been a blast,” said Holton. “Everyone on their team has been a pleasure to work with.”

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