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Compliance Resource, LLC is a source of compliance assistance for financial institutions. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the company was founded in 2001 after CEO, Jack Holzknecht, saw a need for financial consulting. Today, Compliance Resource’s mission is to give financial institutions all the tools and resources needed to comply with ever-changing laws and regulations.

This financial consultation company strives to give bankers all the tools their staff needs to keep them in compliance with laws that can change often and unpredictably. To keep pace with ever-changing regulations, the company brings in top industry experts to offer more training topics and more product offerings.

Jacks Comoliance Resource Website Design


Compliance Resource’s original site had a standard, old-school layout. The company saw a need for both a performance and aesthetics upgrade.

“We wanted to create a new logo that demonstrated our business effectively,” said Amy Faust, VP of Marketing at Compliance Resource, LLC. “We also wanted a user-friendly website that offered a more streamlined approach at connecting our customers to our team of experts, as well as the training and products we offer.”

Hatfield Media’s creative team designed the new site to be more user-friendly, simplifying users’ ability to connect via the company’s forum, blog, compliance marketplace and training services. The style and functionality were modernized using a full-width layout, new images, custom icons and a completely custom-stylized forum.

Our design team also revamped Compliance Resource, LLC.’s logo and branding. Through a collaborative process with the Compliance Resource team, we were able to produce a logo that spoke to their brand well. The company’s new logo design features a microphone in front of an instructional manual, which symbolizes the varied services offered.

Compliance Resouce Website Design By Hatfield


For the Hatfield Media team, it was a pleasure working with Compliance Resource, LLC. Our team loved having the opportunity to revitalize their online presence and develop a logo that speaks to their brand. We’re proud of the partnership we’ve built with Compliance Resource, and we look forward to working with them in the future!

“Working with Hatfield Media’s creative team allowed new insight and ingenuity,” said Faust. “Our team expressed our vision and future plans, and their team took the reins to develop a logo and website that truly captured the essence of our company.  Getting perspectives from people outside of our industry was very beneficial in helping us ensure our branding package was easy to interpret.”

Compliance Resource Mobile Website