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Kentuckiana’s only full-service pest-control company keeps specialist eyes peeled on any spider fleets running amok, thanks to 135 plus service vehicles and close to 200 hard-working employees. Consequently, Black Diamond has spread its wings into one of the leading pest control offices in the nation.

Black Diamond’s business roots stretch back to 1940, but the company really began to take flight in 1987, when a family member entrusted the reins to Keith Duncan, Sr. to forge a fresh foundation. Under Duncan, Sr.’s direction, Black Diamond became nationally acclaimed for its high-quality pest control as well as outstanding customer service. After all, in an industry that often requires entering a client’s home, real estate property, or business office, pest control eradication can feel quite personal — and Black Diamond cares about putting clients’ worries at ease.

By the early 2000s, Keith Duncan, Sr. passed the torch to his son to carry operational leadership forward, lifting Black Diamond’s reputation to the reliable household name it is today. Duncan has been a part of Black Diamond’s story since he was only a teenager, working as a Termite Control Technician on solutions, rising in the ranks to a General Manager, and now a bold CEO. Under Duncan's perceptive direction, Black Diamond has opened the doors to modern ideas and innovation, as well as nation-wide franchise expansion, triple-boosting the company’s revenue in doing so.

Black Diamond’s vision began with the commitment to care for communities, administering choice quality pest control. Over eight decades, the company has fostered its ideas with a sense of achievement passed down like family honor, Duncan, Sr. to Duncan, Jr. — father to son. Built on a time-honored background in understanding treatment options, so that each customer can be paired with a unique solution to resolve any nest of pest complications, Black Diamond’s framework now extends beyond residential and commercial pest control, with branches and franchise locations throughout the midwest, and the southern United States. 

Self-proclaimed “Dedicated Pest Control Eradication Specialists,” they provide in-house termite and moisture damage repair services, along with complete turf maintenance; expanding offerings over the years to meet the needs spanning Kentuckiana.


Black Diamond Web Design By Hatfield Media Ongoing Service Plans


Hatfield Media makes every effort to breathe professional creativity into updating professional websites. Between Black Diamond’s interest in embracing online evolution, and our passion for giving vision innovative legs to stand on, we both welcomed the synchronicity. Rachel Smith, Content Manager at Hatfield Media, thrived finding how to strike that iron balance between streamlining user-friendly business features and personalizing creative touches.

Especially for a task where the topic is not always the most appetizing over a dinner table, Smith took pride in how our team rose to the occasion. Smith feels upbeat about our team’s ability to take a site’s design past its prime, and reanimate it with a digital revival. Hatfield Media recognizes that especially a web presence representing expert pest control can jive with modernization, jump with strong identity.

Director of Research and Development at Hatfield Media, Ray Tri realized it was “apparent we were a perfect match,” as soon as “Black Diamond approached us and wanted to revamp their website.” Hatfield Media’s team exhibits gusto for helping an organization like Black Diamond take its “desire” to catapult its “company and web presence to the next level.” Tri credits “Black Diamond’s readiness to grow” as an openness to change, which made space for “a lot of creative freedom” behind-the-scenes. In fact, “through that creative freedom, we could amplify Black Diamond’s vision through our lens of passion and insight.”

Black Diamond Web Design By Hatfield Media Homepage


“This sort of accomplishment would not have been possible without collaboration and investment from all sides,” notes Tri. When it came to strategically envisioning a new website layout, Kaen Blevins, Graphic Designer at Hatfield Media, explains, “We wanted to make sure the core services were front and center to allow customers quick access to the information they need.” Great design involves intuitive attention to each piece of a website’s aesthetics, as Blevins adds, “With this in mind, we wanted to maintain a look and feel that was both light and content-driven in order to keep the design visually pleasing.”

An important feature of Black Diamond’s branding would be to showcase “the overall experience of the website.” Blevins says, “To do this, we incorporated diamond-shaped elements, diamond hover actions, witty puns, and even a few iconic critters to create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind website experience for Black Diamond and their customers.”

A challenging front-end design can require “a new and different approach,” highlights Front-End Developer Ted Moso, who references Mary Poppins in the beloved motto, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.” In the case of developing Black Diamond’s new website design, this was a challenge that felt “unique and different from the other sites I’ve worked on” previously. As such, when Moso found a way for “Our Offices Google Maps displayed on the Contact Us page to have multiple locations exist at the same time,” he felt “proud to achieve that.” Not only did Moso “learn a great deal,” he likewise appreciated how amenable Black Diamond’s team was throughout the process. 

Autumn Pace, a fellow Front-End Developer, found it meaningful to tackle the implementation of this project’s redesign, working “side-by-side” with Hatfield Media’s Lead Front-End Developer, Steve Clark, on the navigation. “Thanks to this experience, we were able to resolve complex navigation. I am glad I had the opportunity to work on this project.”

Sometimes you have to break the mold to meet and exceed layered challenges, and that is exactly what our Web Development team did. For Hatfield Media’s Lead Back-End Developer, Nathan Klein, the predominant puzzle to solve would lie in site navigation; “to design a system for determining a Black Diamond location to service a particular customer based on that customer’s address.” Klein appreciated how “interesting” this task unraveled; a challenge that presented a chance “to play around with Google Maps capabilities within our systems.”

Black Diamond Web Design By Hatfield Media Webpage 1


When a family-led organization like Black Diamond consistently identifies pest problems for clients and improves lives with valuable solutions, it feels fulfilling to do whatever work is needed to rejuvenate the company’s website.

“We’re very pleased with the new website the Hatfield team created for us,” affirms Black Diamond CEO, Keith Duncan, Jr. “Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for our company, and our new site embraces this. It’s not only easy to navigate, it offers more detailed information about our services and locations so customers can better understand the pest control solutions available to them and easily contact our offices for scheduling.”

Tri underscores that by being able “to build Black Diamond’s website on our proprietary new framework,” we could meet this company where its reputation soars: on a foundation of “unparalleled quality.”

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