Occupational Kinetics Promotional Video

Occupational Kinetics is a fully integrated health care company with multiple departments serving the whole family. This includes the Center For Alternative Medicines, Sports Medicine and Injury Rehabilitation, DeYoung Naturals, Industry Based Occupational Health and Clinic 32 Dentistry.

Occupational Kinetics is revolutionizing the way families and individuals are taken care of in the health care industry. They provide each of their clients direct one on one care with an emphasis on treating the root of the problem. Their highly trained staff will work as an INTEGRATED TEAM to help you be successful in your goals.

We are proud to be able to promote them through video production. The staff were a joy to work with and are both straight forward and kind-hearted in their approach. We wish you all the best in treating Louisvillians!

Occupational Kinetics
Video – Direct link

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