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We are thrilled to launch a completely redesigned website for The Leasing Group.  This new site is a complete overhaul of their online brand and web presence.  The Leasing Group provides equipment financing for businesses across our region.  We share a like-minded passion for growing businesses!  The benefit of our work is the bottom line impact an amazing new website can bring.

Website Design That Delivers Results

One of the first objectives of great website design is understanding the purpose, the story that needs to be delivered, the message that will capture those visiting to learn more or take action. Beyond that action prompting, often called a CTA or call to action, there are key elements that need to be addressed in a new website design:
  • Trust Building: Does your audience feel comfortable after a 5 second glance?
  • What Do They Do? Does a visitor understand in 7 seconds or less what the company does and the value it brings?
  • How to learn More: Website visitors need to be guided to the next step of learning more, of contacting the company, or at the least  delving a little deeper into the subject or need that interest them most.

SEO & Responsive Content Management

Content is king, and the Leasing Group already has an amazing wealth of content which has been repurposed across the site. Taking featured images from the individual bog posts Hatfield Media incorporated some creative technology to give hover capability. As you hover you see the title of the article or post on The Leasing Group's main blog page.  Additionally all content has been highly optimized (SEO, search engine optimization) so that The Leasing Group will reach their targeted audience! louisville website design development company

Website Design That Is Competitive

Most of us have been subject to that previous website design that was impossible to manage. Not too many years ago website developers relied not on the initial website design for revenue but for those costly updates or moves/adds/changes. That time is past, WordPress ha changed the game. Website designers like Hatfield Media have to deliver value as a creative agency and not rely on moves/adds/changes for revenue. Much better, importance is placed on a website design firm's ability to bring value and messaging that website owners can't develop on their own successfully. The Leasing Group's website was built on the WordPress platform. If you haven't heard of WordPress before its a website design platform that is universal in support and is utilized by professional designers across the globe. This means more competitive pricing & supplier options when it comes to support for your website. Many website design firms avoid WordPress because it takes away their exclusive ability to charge and support you at a higher rate. If you're still of the opinion WordPress is simply a blogging platform it may be time to reconsider. The list of successful businesses that rely on WordPress is growing and quite credible: There are more, many more. In addition, WordPress makes the ability to execute responsive web design in a straight-forward process which is scalable and adaptable to future framework updates. Most sites see between 30% to 55% mobile traffic depending on industry and site build but hold on, that number is growing by double digits each year.

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What Does The Leasing Group Do?

The Leasing Group listens to and analyzes your business's need for financing. They recommend several financing options that best align your cash flow and tax considerations. Some further insight from their new website:

"The Leasing Group is a network of over 40 community banks scattered throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio. These banks provide funding for equipment financing opportunities, both individually and in participation. As a group, our focus is to extend an additional level of credit to businesses in our region."

The Business Leasing Process

The Leasing Group does better business leasing than the rest in an exclusive 3 step process: Listening, Preparation, & Acceptance. 

Business Leasing FAQs

Straight forward answers to the most common leasing questions business owners ask that others avoid or are evasive.

A Champion for You in Business Funding

You heard that right. No longer are you subject to bank committees or getting that uncomfortable feeling awaiting an answer back on your equipment business leasing needs. The Leasing Group goes to bat for their clients from day one because they become a champion for your business.  

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