Nadus Films – Benefit Dinner

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Nadus Films – Scratch Your Back Campaign

Nadus (Sudan spelled backwards) is a group of film makers dedicated to producing extremely challenging documentaries.  Their first film titled “The New Sudan” dealt with everything from the aids epidemic to guerilla warfare.  Tackling insane topics on a global scale is a lofty goal, and their work should be commended.  We proudly support Nadus and will be participating in tonight’s “Scratch Your Back Campaign” dinner.  Please consider visiting their site (link below) and participating in their new campaign.

Their latest film, B-Boy For Life, which is currently in post-production, is absolutely amazing.  It deals with break-dancing, gangsters, street life, so forth…  Did we mention that the film looks great?  Their new director of photography (who serves multiple roles within their group) has done an unbelievable job on a very small budget.  They are resourceful filmmakers and we love them.

Coury Deeb, crew, we love you guys.  Will always back your play in any way possible!

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