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Search Engine Optimization, frequently referred to as SEO, is one of the most critical aspects of your website. SEO is the proactive optimization of your website for inbound search, primarily from Google. The lifeblood of every website is compelling content. However, without a captive audience, content is wasted. our sites are fully optimized to maximize the potential audience. As a result, we typically receive new referrals through two methods…


Happy clients are a more effective business driver than the most persistent sales team. When clients are pleased with our work, they do not hesitate to share this with others when relevant.  I would emphasize that we are referring to organic referrals and not a BNI method of paid or forced referrals.


This is an obvious inbound driver but we cannot overstate Google’s importance. Organic search results drive business. Whether you are a service company, retail, intelligence or anywhere in-between, people in our region are searching for your services every day. This is the main reason SEO is such an important consideration with every website.


Typically the other 10% of web traffic comes from Bing, referral sites, press/articles and social media networks. Traffic spikes from isolated campaigns are anomalies in the life of a website, unless you plan proactive campaigns. While it is important to have a presence across all networks, ultimately your results on Google will determine the effectiveness of your website. Which brings us to search engine optimization…

We specialize in rescue missions! Whether your site was developed 10 years ago by a volunteer or last month by a local firm, we are here to help! Often times sites are created thinking only internally about what needs to be put forth to the prospective clients, without considering the larger potential. We focus on producing results while putting your company and brand in the best possible light.

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We have taken sites in the Louisville area from page 20 to page 1! We implement effective strategies that reward visitors, rank pages organically and build credibility across your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) rewards hard work. The end goal is genuine business growth!

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