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We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new E-Commerce website for Louisville News Company! We were fortunate enough to help them launch a new website that rocks everything Louisville. Well, maybe not limestone water or bluegrass seed...but an important part of Louisville with everything you need for the Kentucky Derby & Kentucky Oaks fun. Here we offer a glimpse of the cool Derby & Oaks merchandise you can call your own and check out this eCommerce site we're continuing to develop. Scroll down to check out most anything you might need and just click to check it out on the Louisville News Company store.

Derby Hats

We call them hats but they may not be the Derby hats you're thinking of. These are awesome caps that display the Kentucky Derby Logo keeping your head safe from the sun or the moon depending when you're out enjoying the Kentucky life, wherever you are.  Here's just 2 examples. hats

Derby Glasses

Is there anything more important than to have a complete collection of Derby glasses at home? Don't we all remember drinking from them and 20165 Ky Derby Glasswatching them get worn out through the years. If you're at the track they're most likely to be be filled with the perfect mint julep but at home you can use them for anything!

Derby & Oaks Programs

Need we say more. To place that winning bet you have to know a little bit about the horses, right? Even if you use the color of the horse or silks a racing form and program are necessary for your Derby party and for research before you head out to the track Find all the Derby & Oaks programs and racing forms right here @ the Louisville News Company.

Derby & Oaks Shirts

Here you'll see a selection of colors and even, long sleeve Derby shirts. Not that you'll need long sleeves because it's always a beautiful sunny day on Derby, right? Ky Derby Merchandise Best of all we finish with a little Kentucky Derby Fun with a keepsake Derby Tote and a smaller version (fortunately not the life size you see at the track) of Churchill Downs Junior Jockey Club mascot, Churchill Charlie. Kentucky Derby merchandiseChurchill CharlieIf you get a minute visit Churchill Downs Junior Jockey Club here and sign up for Churchill Charlie's birthday mailing list. Whatever your Derby & Oaks plans be sure to visit LouNews.com for the latest merchandise all year long. There's no reason you can't enjoy the Oaks from home or drink a perfect mint julep for Derby day in the comfort of your armchair.    

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