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If you’re looking for a way to extend your audience reach, distribute timely information or hold a meeting with out-of-town attendees, then consider live online broadcasting with Hatfield Media. We offer a turn-key of live event services from webcasts to fully immersive virtual events.

Live webcasts are a great way to communicate with clients, employees, colleagues and students. The ability to share a real-time message helps you turn a customer into a client, a viewer into a visitor and an observer into a participant.

Just as online video has become a standard feature of websites, live webcasts are quickly becoming essential tools for marketing and meeting communications. And as the increase in live webcasting is driving the demand for it, offering it now is critical to your company and organization’s ability to keep stakeholders engaged and maintain relevant in media communications.

The growing competition for market share is another great reason to offer web broadcasting. With live webcasts, you own, control and distribute your content. You can reach anyone with a computer or mobile device remotely and dramatically widen access to your information and events. The immediacy is an efficient way for viewers to receive information at the same time and ensure consistency in content delivery.

Webcasts are also a great ROI. Companies of all sizes use webcasts for training classes, product announcements, employee meetings and conferences. For employees, customers or attendees spread geographically, streaming events allows you to reach wider audiences with your message cost-effectively with the option to engage your audience prior, during and after your event. While traditional events can become cost prohibitive with travel, lodging, rentals and other fees, the cost of internet broadcasts is substantially less.

Webcasts are environmentally friendly. For companies and organizations conscientious about their carbon footprint, webcasts allow you to reduce your and your attendees’ environmental impact and conserve resources.

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