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The proliferation of smartphones and broadband internet has resulted in a dramatic shift across all business environments. One of the greatest shifts is in the consumption of video content... 20 years ago, if a national conference wanted to broadcast live to a global audience, they would need to work with a large video crew and partner with a television station and large distribution network. This service was simply out of reach for most event planners. In the early 2000's we began to see the emergence of live events online. Initially many of these feeds were very primitive and low-quality.  Those of us who grew up with this new emerging technology will remember what the internet was like before the advent of YouTube!  Embedded video over 28k and 56k dialup modems was very problematic.
Youtube did not exit until 2005!
The simultaneous shift to online video hosting and high definition video standards, paved the way for our current technological climate.  Every advancement over the past decade has increased our connectivity, the immediacy by which we consume information and our increasing preference for rich content such as video.  As consumers we expect a higher quality product than ever before.
We are living in science fiction...
The ability for anyone in the world, on a computer, tablet or phone to watch live video from a conference or convention, is science fiction.  Our live streaming service is an all-inclusive package which allows us to handle any event.  From private simulcasts and internal communication events, to national and global live conferences and conventions, we have the team and resources to meet your live event needs.
Live broadcasting to a global audience.
We work directly with event planners to increase their audience both nationally and globally.  We would love to have the opportunity to work with you!  Contact us today for a free consultation and tech demo!