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Littleway Pregnancy Resource Center contracted Hatfield Media to provide a comprehensive website redesign. This included a thorough overhaul of every page from both a visual perspective as well as a content and functionality point of view.  We worked directly with the internal team to create a website which positively captures and adapts all aspects of their original scope document.  The final result is an easy-to-use website with a strong focus on mobile usage. Littleway provides a variety of free services to women who are, or believe they might be, unexpectedly pregnant.  As you can imagine this can be a difficult segment to reach.  From teenage pregnancies to incredibly complicated and highly personal relationship issues, Littleway ministers to women who are in a very difficult point in life.  Services include free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, a free food pantry as well as various complimentary supplies for new mothers.  They also provide free counseling and serve as a support group for women regardless of their situation. LittleWay - Hatfield Media Web Design
As an organization serving women in complex circumstances, they needed a straightforward and responsive site that would allow their visitors to access information quickly and easily.
We implemented a highly-branded design in order to avoid clutter and overly-flashy elements, to communicate all necessary information plainly and effectively. Large, friendly images and fonts prominently convey the compassionate intention of the organization’s mission and direct visitors to further details. Custom icons displayed at the top of the page add to the simple, clear navigation. We chose light and pleasing colors as a background consistent with this message, providing an overall enjoyable user experience.LittleWay - Website Design Before and After
Our prayer is that Littleway continues to grow as an organization and that women of all ages would consider allowing Littleway to minister to them in their time of need.  We are proud to partner with this organization and their active ministry to our Louisville community. Is your company or ministry organization seeking a web design firm?  Please consider contacting us, visiting our Louisville office or setting up a complimentary site visit and project consultation.

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