Leadership Shelby - New Website Design by Hatfield Media of Louisville Kentucky

Leadership Shelby – Website Redesign

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Website and branding redesign for Leadership Shelby!

Shelby County continues to bring accolade to the state of Kentucky in the way of it’s beauty, landscape, agriculture and prize winning horses! The key component of community development is the people of Shelby county. 

Enter Leadership Shelby

Leadership Shelby’s goal is to recognize and empower leaders within the Shelby County community to serve others and help the community grow.  From a practical perspective this takes place through events and educational programs.

Our team was thrilled to be selected as the web designer of choice for the new Leadership Shelby website and logo redesign.

The first step was to provide a modern redesign of the Leadreship Shelby logo.  This included adopting a cleaner color palette and a new aesthetic which retained the spirit of the original logo.

Leadership Shelby - Logo Design by Hatfield Media

Responsive Website Design

Our primary goal was to create a website which reflects all key components, programs and value propositions of Leadership Shelby. Importantly the site should grow over time and be continually updated to reflect current and expanding programs and offerings.
Leadership Shelby - Responsive Website Design by Hatfield Media

Program-focused design

With the new branding, we were able to design a functional and fun website. It provides a space for information about the Program and how to enroll and support it. It is also a place for alumni of the LS Program to stay connected. Now with LS Connect, organizations can connect with the other alumni to serve.

Combining fun and functionality in website design

Events are another way that Leadership Shelby impacts the community! Through this website, Leadership Shelby can raise awareness about their goals and what they can achieve for the community. From custom icons to artwork, the design team at Hatfield was able to carry the brand and functionality of the site to today’s standards. We hope that the results will exceed expectations and we can’t wait to hear what Leadership Shelby is doing next!

Find out more about their program HERE  

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