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The old adage, “time is money,” rings true when it comes to packaging. Packaging is arguably the most important process in any manufacturing operation. If you want to package your products properly with the industry’s most dependable machinery and dispensers, Laise Packaging is the supplier you’re looking for.

Client: Laise Packaging

Laise Packaging - Website Design and SEO


Laise Packaging, a full line distributor of wholesale packaging materials, tools, and equipment, has been serving Louisville since 2010 when founder Bill Laise decided to apply his 30 years of experience in the industrial packaging business to improve his customer’s productivity. Bill and the team at Laise Packaging understand the importance of making sure your products are packaged properly and shipped on time. The Jeffersontown supply store carries only the highest quality shipping supplies from the industry’s most trusted brands.

From tape to airbags, Laise Packaging has exactly what you need in the time you need it. Not only do they supply the best packaging machinery and tools, but the experts at Laise also keeps them working. Used by companies throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana, Laise handles films, stretch, shrink, strapping, tapes, poly bags and other packaging materials, as well as sells and services packaging tools and equipment ranging from tape dispensers to fully-automatic tape and strapping machine.

Laise Packaging - Website Design and SEO


Hatfield Media had the pleasure of redesigning Laise Packaging’s website. While maintaining the branding that loyal customers have come to know, our creative team modernized the site’s design, transforming a plain, boxy layout into a colorful, dynamic web experience.

“We wanted to feature all the services and products Laise Packaging offers while also showing off the company’s friendly, customer-service oriented personality,” said Christina Kuo, Project Manager and Creative Lead at Hatfield Media.

The site balances imagery with simplistic design and an easy-to-navigate menu. The minimalistic approach allows the site to be inviting while also creating a sleek, professional look. Each page displays the company’s expansive capabilities with custom icons and concise content. The unique triangular element on the homepage is one example of how the site breaks up traditional patterns, and the animated scroll-in text on each subpage makes the site interactive and engaging for the user.


We’re proud of the relationship we’ve built with Bill Laise and the talented experts at Laise Packaging. Their dedication to serving the Louisville community and commitment to excellence in business are values we share and support. We look forward to building on this partnership in the future.

“Hatfield Media has provided Laise Packaging not only a very creative website but has also helped us with our SEO,” said Bill Laise, President and Founder. “We consistently rank high in our keyword searches. The SEO reviews we hold are concise and easy to understand. Thanks, Hatfield Media!”

Laise Packaging - Website Design and SEO

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