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Kart2Kart, Michigan’s top indoor go-kart racing track, came to Hatfield Media with 3 goals in mind: de-clutter, freshen up graphics, and feature strong video. They knew that directing users to relevant information in a quick and easy way is important to their business. It’s true. A website's homepage is the gateway to client engagement for potential customers. Think about how important this is — maybe they followed a link from a ‘things to do in Michigan’ website, or maybe they found the site through a Google search, but each site has a spare few seconds to turn someone who’s vaguely interested in Kart2Kart into someone who is putting on a helmet and hitting the track.

Instead of overwhelming your visitors with every possible scrap of information they might need, boil it down to the essentials. If you streamline the design to make it straightforward and efficient to use, you aren’t going to need shortcuts to skip to the essential information. The whole site will be the essential information, and everything nonessential will be stripped out. Goodbye, cluttered home page. Hello, conversions!

Kart2Kart - Website Layout

Action-Packed Web Design

Our team set out to design a clean user experience with an emphasis on excitement.  Simplicity and kinetic racing was our primary goal when designing and developing this site. When a visitor hits the Kart2Kart homepage, they should know instantly how to find info about racing, having a party or special event, and FAQ’s.. If they didn’t already have a completely clear idea of what they want to do at Kart2Kart, we’ve told tell them with a simple, clear call to action.  It also helps when you have a cool video background for the entryway!

It’s one thing to be simple and clear, but if the ideas you express don’t work directly to achieve your business goals, your site will never be effective. At Kart2Kart, they wanted to visually share the excitement of racing at speeds up to 35mph, the pure adrenaline rush that you feel as you come around that 3rd turn, and the overall FUN that you can have racing with your friends. Before you think about design, content, or anything else, you should define your goals for your website very specifically.

Call To Action Website Element - Kart2Kart Detroit

4K Video Production

Next step - video! As more consumers are expected to interact with videos this year than ever before, in 2018, building your video marketing strategy is one of the necessary steps that you need to take to reach your target audience. 90% of customers say video helps make buying decisions. Why? Video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of content.

Our video production team traveled to Detroit and captured a full day of racing at a corporate retreat.  We use a variety of equipment and film in 4K (or 6K) for all projects.  The end-result is an action-packed cinematic video which bring the viewer into the racing experience.

We went into the project with the intention of using kinetic camera movements to make the experience of driving a go kart become a reality for the viewer.  Jumping from the audience perspective to the perspective of a driver created an engaging video that both stands by itself and complements the other marketing material Hatfield media created for Kart2Kart.

Responsive Website Design and Development for Kart2Kart

Powerful web design & development

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