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[sws_pullquote_left] We love working with local, regional and national businesses! [/sws_pullquote_left] As a video production company we take on projects in a variety of fields.  From business highlight videos to product promotion series, we are challenged on a regular basis to communicate the message and desired feeling for each company.  Video has the unique ability to demonstrate concepts and content through both audio and visual mediums.  In the past year we have worked with companies such as Lantech, Sypris, Zoeller Pump Company, and Dant Edge to produce videos featuring new products and technologies.  Below are a few highlights from recent projects..


Lantech is the world leader in stretch wrapping technology. In our video we produced for Lantech, the floor-loaded conveyor and pallet truck ramp system is a unique development for the L Series automatic stretch wrappers. The new system is designed especially for single or dual pallet trucks. This ramp creates a hole free, lift free wrapping system where one can easily drop off the pallet load onto the ramp and watch their important containers get wrapped with ease. Additionally the system is modular so that companies can maximize their productivity.


Sypris has been in operation since 1927. As the oldest American manufacturer of forged seamless pipe elbows and returns, over the years Sypris has transitioned their product range and expanded our production capabilities to keep pace with the changing requirements of the industries they serve. The video we created shows their manufacturing process as well as some of the products that they put into the market.


Zoeller Pump Company is the world’s leading pump company. Zoeller is the oldest independently owned U.S. pump manufacturer, continues to maintain the highest of quality standards, setting the benchmark for all other manufacturers of pumps. They have a long history of creating the most reliable and long-lasting pumps in the industry. This introductory video highlights a few key aspects of the way they do business.


Dant Edge is a division of Dant Clayton, one of the world’s leaders in custom stadium seating systems and bleachers. Dant has been making bleachers for over 34 years and is considered by the industry to be the benchmark. Dant’s facilities consist of 350,000 square feet of production space, spanning 25 acres. Two state-of-the-art production plants process millions of pounds of steel and aluminum each year, with team members working hundreds of thousands of hours, ensuring on-time production.

We take pride in producing consistent, high quality videos that effectively communicate a message or product. Our goal is not to sell to your clients, but rather to provide an excellent introduction which facilitates further discussion.