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Hatfield Media was contracted by Higher Perspective to develop a new website and overhaul the business imaging.  Initially our goal was to standardize all branding aesthetics, which for us begins with logo design.  After several revisions, we arrived at the current design, which embodies both the pilot flight wings as well as the camera iris classically known for photography.  This simple flat-design logo is flexible, utilitarian, minimal and clean.  The new logo will look just a good on shirts as it does on the new website!

Web Design Optimized For All Resolutions

Higher Perspective - Website Design by Hatfield Media

Bryan Cherry, a lifelong pilot and UAV enthusiast, is the perfect entrepreneur to provide aerial video and photography.  The market for drones and UAV/RC hobbyists has become flooded with amateur pilots who are increasingly becoming a liability for business owners and private citizens.  As a full-service marketing agency who actively provides video production, safety and legal compliance is one of our top priorities.  With Higher Perspective, not only are we getting an industry veteran who performs at a professional level, but we are also getting a certified FAA flight plan filed before each flight, and proper safety protocols being followed during each visit.

A Logo Worth Showing Off!

Higher Perspective - Louisville Drone Video

Hatfield Media produced new brand standards in the form of logo design, typography, colors and general usage standards.  These standards are the foundation of all aspects of web design.  Higher Perspective is a wonderful company and we hope you will consider partnering with them for all of your aerial video and photography needs!  We look forward to continued growth by leveraging their strengths on behalf of our clients.

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