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Hudson Glass creates unique blown glass for art galleries across the globe.  Hand-blown glass is a unique market and relies heavily on presentation, photography and art design in order to communicate the products to a specific audience.  Hatfield Media was hired to create a new catalog-driven (content-heavy) website which is highly optimized for prospective clients.  Additionally we were tasked with creating a brand new logo.  In the process of naming a new domain was launched in .GLASS rather than .COM.  Thus, HUDSON.GLASS was the chosen domain, as well as the logo.  We are proud to launch the website and begin developing a strong return for our client, Hudson Glass. Logo Design - Hudson Glass

Not Your Average Blown Glassgreat website design in louisville for hand blown glass blue green shell

Being chosen by Michael Hudson, the co-creator of the University of Louisville Glass Program, for a new website redesign brought our team an amazing experience into the world of world glass blown glass creations. It was a must to present all the facets and possible uses of hand blown glass so potential customers can identify where they can place their hands upon one of Michael Hudson’s treasures.

Web Design That Speaks to All Customers

When you create amazing works of art your potential clients are not limited to one type of customer. It was critical to Michael that Hudson Glass’s new website communicate clearly to each potential audience while avoiding confusion within the messaging.

Responsive Web Design

HUDSON.GLASS is a fully responsive website.  This means that the site automatically adapts to all resolutions and devices on the fly.  All of our websites are designed to be 100% responsive at all time.  Your website is not a one-time investment, but the initial design should last beyond the initial launch. Responsive Web Design - Hudson Glass

Online Catalog Design Empowering Visitors

There is virtually an infinite number of combinations that for any individual piece can be created. These options presented in a fashion that is easy to manage and done well website visitors can relish in envisioning a piece customized to their exact desires. hudson glass new website design louisville kentucky

More About Michael Hudson

After more than 12 years in a career of designing art through handmade blown glass, Michael Hudson is in the forefront of creating glass objects of desire. As the passionate owner of Hudson Glass, Michael approaches the demands of glassblowing and glass sculpting with excellence in creativity and product design. While attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, Michael received a BFA in Art & Design with a Specialization in Glass. His return to Louisville, Kentucky, led him to invest time working in various studios and assisting in the creation of the University of Louisville Glass Program. As the new studio owner, Michael and his staff desire for Hudson Glass to stand for excellence in product design, creativity and pure beauty. Learn more at Hudson.Glass

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