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Google SEO – Penguin 3.0 – Battle Against Poor Content

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 Google just released Penguin 3.0, the latest revision to Google's core search algorithm.  The result?  Cheap content suffers, and original content producers are rewarded!

Don't Panic! Google's Penguin is your friend!

The latest update to Google's search engine is a blessing to good businesses! I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!  Penguin 3.0 is largely a slap on the wrist for companies who have outsourced the SEO to blackhat companies.  Google has elaborated on the impact by stating that the queries affected amount to less than 1% of global search.

Website Marketers vs Search Providers

A decade ago search engine optimization was nearly real-time.  Results were viewable within a single day in many cases.  Simple tricks would dramatically affect credibility on one search engine or another.  This effectively resulted in a war between website developers and search engine providers.  In 2014, the results are no longer instantaneous. Google's perspective is a unique one in that every algorithm change can make or break businesses.  Larger businesses who have outsourced link-building can be heavily rewarded it numbers are the main factor, or heavily penalized if the quality of the links is weighed more heavily.

Long-term SEO is a slow-moving ship

Google has a wide variety of factors that affect pagerank.  From length of time your site has been around, to frequency of dynamic content updates, to uniqueness of the content provided.  Google examines all aspects of your site from the code itself to speed to social media.  On the horizon is the weight of contextual search algorithms and the potential penalties of taking too long to get involved in social media.   The bottom line is that there are many factors pertaining to your website that can affect rank both today and years from now.  Your goal should be slow and steady growth, not quick temporary results.

If you are concerned about the state of your current site, contact us for a free consultation.  Whether your site has been negatively affected by the Penguin update, or if you are simply not getting the results you need, please consider contacting us!  We would love to look at your site and provide you with a comprehensive analysis.