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Golden Rule Signs provides digital signage and school marquee displays for businesses, schools and churches across the United States. Based in Louisville Kentucky, Golden Rule Signs is a nationally operating, professional firm with the ability to carry out your project from concept design to installation.

Hatfield Media has been a vendor of Golden Rule Signs since 2016, and our team has thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the company’s digital marketing needs. To accommodate for the company’s continued growth, a website redesign was requested, and Hatfield Media welcomed the undertaking!

Golden Rule Signs - by Hatfield Media


Golden Rule Signs is a nationwide, professional LED sign company providing outdoor sign systems and marquees for businesses, churches, school systems and military bases. The company’s products offer unmatched functionality at a price that makes the absolute most of your budget.

Golden Rule Signs recently announced the integration of “Impact Cloud” as part of all their signage programming. Impact Cloud is an industry-leading software that allows users to access, monitor, and customize their signs anywhere, any time. The user friendly, cloud-based communication program is easy to learn, easy to use, and easily maximizes the power of a sign’s display capabilities. Impact Cloud makes it easier than ever before to create content, design reusable templates, and save playlists. From in the office, at home, or on the go, all you need is a browsing device to easily move messages and customize fonts, colors, and sizes.

Golden Rule Signs’ commitment to craftsmanship and customer service has benefited thousands. No matter the type of business, Golden Rule Signs help you get your message to your audience every day.

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Hatfield Media’s team was tasked with creating a site built to generate long-term search engine optimization results.The subpages of the website are tailored for SEO, calling out the types of signs people are searching for. The site’s contact forms tie conveniently into their CRM software, a recommended method to help you manage leads from your website.

One of Golden Rule Signs primary goals in the website redesign process was putting their products front and center. The website layout is clean and simple, with custom icons and a sorting grid to showcase the company’s vast and diverse portfolio.


LED Sign Company - Website Design


LED Sign Company - Website Design


At Hatfield Media, our goal is to develop websites that make an impact in our clients’ industries and which functions as the primary marketing arm of their business. We’re grateful for the lasting partnership we’ve developed with Golden Rule Signs over the last three years, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

“As a growing company in the tech industry, we are always striving to ensure our marketing material is up to date,” says Ben Williamson, Sales Director at Golden Rule Signs. “The majority of our clients find us online, research our company and products via our website, then contact us. The creative team at Hatfield Media helped rebrand our website and create a great looking, easy to use platform for our clients to learn about GRS.”

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