G.D. Herring Glassware – Commercial Photography

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G.D. Herring is a maker of fine glassware designed for celebrating with the ones you love. Hatfield Media recently provided product photography for G.D. Herring to utilize across a variety of marketing efforts including company’s website and online shop.

G. D. Herring Product Photography

Unleash The Spirit Of Your Spirit

G.D. Herring glassware was founded by husband-and-wife team Lincoln and Kat Lewis, named in honor of Kat’s grandmother. Lincoln and Kat Lewis started the company with the goal of creating premium glassware so the spirit connoisseur can drink luxuriously. Crafted to exemplify the spirit’s aroma as the distiller intended, this glassware is the perfect snifter for the enjoyment of all premium spirits.

G.D. Herring glassware immeasurably enhances the taste of your favorite bourbon, brandy or distilled spirit. The snifters fit perfectly in your hand and are designed to endure for years to come. The tulip silhouette aerates your drink, allowing you to experience the fullness of flavor. The wide base of the glass tapers at the rim, preventing the alcohol, when swirled, from rising too high in the glass. The shape also allows subtle aromas to diffuse, filling the vessel with a concentration of richness and complexity. 

Designed to make every drink a memorable one, G.D Herring’s signature Crystal Whiskey Glass Snifter comes in a set of two, packaged in an elegant, keepsake gift box

G. D. Herring Glassware

Clean, Crisp Commerical Photography

Lincoln Lewis, co-founder of G.D. Herring, contracted Hatfield Media to produce a series of high-definition product photography for the company’s website and online shop collection. The goal was to create clean, crisp shots with zero reflections in the glass and present an overall luxurious aesthetic.

Hatfield Media’s photography team used a medium format camera, which provides a better dynamic range in colors and captures more detail. Using this type of equipment allowed our team more opportunities and creative flexibility in the post-processing of the images. Our team also utilized an infinity table to create a consistent background and create a floating illusion. The consistency of the shots allows G.D. Herrings to use this collection as a template for future photography

Building Long-lasting Relationships

Working with the G.D. Herring team was a true joy for our photographers. Hatfield Media’s creative team is proud of the project’s end result, and we’re delighted to see the photos live on G.D. Herring’s online shop and website. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with G.D. Herring in the future.

“It was a pleasure working with Hatfield Media,” said Lincoln Lewis, co-founder of G.D. Herring. “I felt as though they listened to our needs and worked to understand our specific constraints as well as timeline. The commercial photography team was efficient, creative in solving problems with professional attention to detail. We're looking forward to a long relationship with Hatfield Media!”

G.D. Herring Product Photography
Powerful product photography

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