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FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) is a Louisville-based nonprofit organization supporting and funding autism programs for the entire family. The organization offers an abundance of resources and opportunities for parents, businesses and the entire local community.

When the FEAT team first came to us, their website was cluttered and disorganized, lacking many of the resources they were eager to share. They asked us to design a new site that could efficiently engage each faction of their audience with events, materials, and opportunities to join in the cause.  Importantly, the site needed to embody the look and feel of their business and be focused for mobile responsiveness.

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The result of our work is an organized encyclopedia of FEAT resources and events. We transformed the boxy, multi-colored scheme of their previous site into a more fluid and monochromatic layout, providing a background to beautiful photographs of children and partners involved with the organization. The new calendar is comprehensive and easy to update with graphic informational flyers highlighting the more closely upcoming events.

Navigation is clear and categorical according to the visitor’s intent. Any member of the community desiring to join the effort is guided towards easy ways to volunteer and donate. Businesses are given a clear process in gaining their Autism Friendly Community (AFC) status. And parents are provided with a vast amount of information including an extensive list of autism service providers.

Visit – featoflouisville.org

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