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A few months back I had a meeting with a local money management specialist.  She was very kind and asked me to share a bit about what I do for a living.  I explained my company, our growth, new employees and the changes that were occurring (both difficult and joyful).  She stated, “I have worked with many business owners! They all say that after you work for yourself, you’ll never work for anyone else ever again!”  To which I said, “I cannot relate to that.”  She thought that was a bit odd and asked me to elaborate..  “I do not work for myself, I work for all of my clients! I traded one master for 100!”  We both had a good laugh but I meant exactly what I said.  Small business owners do not ‘work for themselves’.  That phrase is a myth in itself!  Unless you are independently wealthy and spend all day working in your garden, you work for your clients as well!

Our top priority is serving the needs of our clients.

As an online marketing firm it is critical that we have our clients’ best interest in mind. When designing a marketing campaign for a website, we examine the competition..  heavily.  We gauge where the business fits within the landscape, and what their unique value proposition is.  The result of our investigation provides the prospective client with several options, our opinion on how to proceed, and a proposal for making the correct steps both immediate and long-term.  Whether the individual sipping out of the glass on the others side of the table ends up being a client or not, we have given them solid ammunition and an effective battle plan.

We do not charge for consultations.

Hatfield Media is a results-driven creative agency.  We do not sell information or strategies, we create content!  We work directly with Louisville-based businesses to develop effective marketing plans, websites, videos and live broadcast events.

Exclusivity – We only work with one client per industry.

One example of this is Zoeller Pump Company.  Zoeller has been around for 75 years.  This weekend is their 75-year anniversary which is being celebrated with the 2014 sales conference.  We have produced roughly 12 videos which are being released at the conference, or shortly following it.  Additionally we are filming various speakers and events at the conference itself, all to be produce into more content to be used throughout the year.  Our work will be utilized by their sales representatives across the globe.  We take joy in knowing that we are facilitating company growth!  We work for Zoeller!  We will not take on work for any of their competitors in any of our fields.

You grow, we grow!

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