Evercure - Web Design

Evercure – Web Design

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Evercure Farms, a purveyor of certified-organic CBD oil, recently contracted Hatfield Media to develop the company’s eCommerce website. The newly redesigned website is equipped with advanced features, providing educational resources on the medicinal benefits of hemp and allowing consumers to buy Evercure Farm’s full-spectrum oil from the comfort of their homes.

Client: Evercure

Evercure - Web Design

Healthy People Live With Higher Standards

Evercure Farms was founded by hemp farmers and friends Lyle Hysinger, Lee Hysinger, Mike Bunch and Todd Harrett. Located in the bluegrass region, Evercure Farms creates its products using an organic, cold ethanol extraction process. The result is a superior extract with a smell and taste that matches the fruitiness of the plant in the field. 

Evercure Farm’s signature product, “Evercure CBD Oil,” is a certified-organic, hemp-derived oil bottled with a full spectrum of healthy ingredients. The health benefits of Evercure CBD Oil include relief from pain & inflammation, anxiety, antipsychotic effects and much more. Each bottle of Evercure CBD Oil extract comes with a certified copy of the cannabinoid and terpene profile. The oil contains no artificial flavors or additives. Whereas other oils are bottled with tinted glass, Evercure CBD Oil is packaged in a clear, square bottle. The transparent packaging showcases the oil’s lovely light golden color, which is an identifying marker of high-grade CBD hemp oil.

Evercure - Web Design

Kentucky Fine, Bluegrass Made

Prior to the website's launch, Evercure CBD Oil could only be purchased in natural health stores like Rainbow Blossom. Evercure Farms contracted Hatfield Media to transform their original website from a simple, informational source to a fully-functional online shop. 

“Our new website has been redesigned to boost SEO capabilities, generate more traffic, and make our educational resources more accessible,” says Todd Harrett, Managing Partner at Evercure Farms. 

The website’s eCommerce capabilities allow for user-friendly shopping and a simplified process for adding new products. Drone footage and video clips were incorporated into the site’s design to make the web-experience more interactive. The website’s FAQ page addresses common misconceptions surrounding CBD oil products and provides educational resources for the curious and skeptical. Evercure CBD Oil can still be found in local health & wellness retailers, which are listed under the website’s resources tab.

Delivering Fast & Efficient Solutions

The Hatfield Media team is thrilled to see Evercure Farm’s new eCommerce website in action. We value the relationship we’ve built with the Evercure team, and we’ll continue to deliver fast and efficient solutions for any of their future digital marketing needs.

“The Hatfield Media team is a pleasure to work with,” said Lyle Hysinger, Managing Partner at Evercure Farms. “Their support team has been responsive when working out technical issues, and they always get things back and running as quickly as possible. The creative team was excellent to work with because they were very intentional in walking us through the website building process. We’ve loved seeing our SEO rankings move in the right direction. We definitely recommend Hatfield Media for website development and business Ecommerce solutions.”

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