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Offering Industrial IoT Energy Efficiency as a service, EcoPlant is an intelligent central control platform for industrial plants, dealers, and repair service providers. Reducing energy waste and optimizing maintenance, EcoPlant enables continuous energy savings. Hatfield Media was excited to team up with EcoPlant in facilitating the design and development of their new website.


Client: EcoPlant

EcoPlant Website Design and Development by Hatfield Media

Envisioning EcoPlant

An Israel-based company with a vision and strategy, EcoPlant partnered with Atlas Machine and Supply, Inc. in 2018 to bring Industrial IoT energy to market. Measuring the efficiency of industrial machinery and communicating that knowledge via IoT, the concept of EcoPlant is to reduce overall energy consumption. Calculating and presenting information in a coherent way, EcoPlant allows consumers to gauge the efficiency of their equipment, and ascertain if improvements need to be made. 

IoT focused energy efficiency benefits both the economy, as well as the environment. With around ten percent of U.S. energy being spent on compressing air, EcoPlant primarily focuses on Industrial Air Compressors. Their goal is for every compressor room to have the intelligence necessary to reduce energy spending. Preventing businesses from spending money on poorly run equipment, IoT focused energy efficiency will, in turn, lower overall carbon emissions, helping to create a ‘greener’ future.

EcoPlant Website Design and Development by Hatfield Media

Exploring EcoPlant

Creating a U.S. landing page to drive people to the product, the flow of EcoPlant’s new website and the calls-to-action get the consumer engaged before even fully realizing the solution. Fast and simple, the flow from one section to another helps get right to the point of the product. Allowing customers a ‘sneak peak’ of the product while answering a few preliminary questions, they can ensure that the product is something they actually want before they even pick up the phone.

“From a design standpoint, Ecoplant started with the essentials as a simple one-page design, and then blossomed into so much more. With a clean aesthetic, plenty of texture, and photo treatments throughout, EcoPlant’s new website provides the crucial information in a visually stimulating way. In addition, custom icons and infographics bring a modern and fresh approach to presenting the message. The font choices serve to organize the text in an easy-to-read way, while keeping the hierarchy in order by level of importance,” says Shayne Hiles, Hatfield Media’s Director of Graphic Design.

“We wanted to create an experience for potential customers that reflected a commitment to technology and efficiency. The Ecoplant website does just that. The end user is presented with case studies, infographics, video footage, and quotes from satisfied customers and the message is clear—Ecoplant will save them money, and will do it with excellence. As a developer, the same philosophy applies. We had the opportunity to develop Ecoplant with our new Twill-based custom CMS. This dramatically increases performance and reduces bloat across the site, resulting in a lightning fast experience for the end user and savings for us and our partners at Ecoplant,” said Hatfield Front-End Web Developer, Matt Swanberg.

EcoPlant Website Design and Development by Hatfield Media

Energizing EcoPlant

Using technology that is quick and easy to install on any device, EcoPlant prevents energy redundancy, predicts malfunctions, and provides real-time monitoring and alerts. The system is available for tablets, PCs, as well as smartphones. Hatfield Media was proud to assist EcoPlant in their new endeavor, and looks forward to supporting them well into the future.

“The Hatfield team did an awesome job on the EcoPlant project. I was impressed at how quickly and easily they understood our message and visualized the concept in our heads, subsequently making it come to life on the website," said Nathan R. Haley, ATLAS Machine and Supply Inc.’s Director of Business Development.

EcoPlant Website Design and Development by Hatfield Media

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