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Hatfield Media has been developing custom websites for over 10 years. We have seen a wide variety of trends come and go and others stay. One constant throughout the life of the internet has been performance. If your website is not delivering business growth, it needs help.

Custom websites have the ability to outperform free or templated websites by being created specifically for the individual business’ needs. We have created sites for a variety of industries with features that would be difficult to achieve within the boundaries of a free platform (wix, Importantly, a custom website generally means that you are the owner of your destiny.

A typical WordPress site has a framework, theme and a variety of plugins. Some sites have as many as 70+ plugins. Each time the WordPress cores are updated, all of the 70 plugin development teams will need to update their code and address any additional adverse interactions with other plugins and themes. Additionally a development team might add a new feature to a plugin which then causes new issues and conflicts for other plugins. These battles are fought daily by web development teams across the world.

Hatfield Media has 40 full-time salaried employees based in Louisville, KY. We do not outsource our work. We creates custom high-performance websites by pursuing the best interest of our clients in all things. If a business requires a new website feature, we build it in-house and support it. Our custom sites load faster, rank higher and have less issues than websites created by agencies and designers who use off-the-shelf theme builder, plugins and add-on components.

If you business needs a new site we would love to speak with you!

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