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In this digital age, visual content marketing surpasses any other form of communication. The use of photography in digital storytelling, marketing campaigns, and web design can help your audience truly resonate with your brand, and no other company understands that better than CS3 Design.

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CS3 Design’s vast network of professional photographers and in-house editing team creates consistent content that matches your brand standards. As the original nationwide photography service provider in North America, the Orlando-based agency is the preferred content source for many national restaurant and retail chains, as well as the world’s largest hospitality and multi-family companies.

Few people know that this industry leader originally started out of a dorm room on the University of Central Florida’s campus. Featured on top media outlets such as NBC and Fox News, CS3 Design’s trusted clientele range from Fortune 500 companies to national landmarks and historic sites, but the company will never forget the clients that helped launch their success. Their dedication to customer service is unmatched; with an outstanding editing & sales team located in both Orlando and Louisville, their clients receive personal one-on-one treatment no matter the project size.

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CS3 Design’s portfolio of work is unparalleled, but when it comes to search engine optimization, even top companies like CS3 Design can get lost in the search-results shuffle. Since partnering with Hatfield Media in 2016, CS3 Design has seen 100% improvement in their Google search rankings.

“Our website load times have gone down significantly,” said President & CEO Chris Sardinas. “Our ranking went from being in the teens and twenties to being almost entirely of the first page.”

Hatfield Media also contributed to CS3 Design’s website development. Our team of skilled designers and developers showcased the agency’s technology by creating heavily photo-based pages. For the site’s contact page, our development team wrote a custom code for a pop-up contact form, increasing user interaction and engagement. Choosing to develop a custom code over an out-of-the-box solution often enhances a site’s productivity and functionality. Our team has continued to collaborate with CS3 Design to create customized solutions for their specific needs.  

Working with the Hatfield Media’s creative team is always an easy process.” said Sardinas. “Whether it’s by phone, email, or filling out their easy to use online ticket form, we always hear back quickly and wrap up the project in a timely matter. If there’s an issue that arises during the project, Hatfield Media always finds a quick solution.”


At Hatfield Media, we’re dedicated to optimizing your site’s digital performance and expanding your online influence, so we’re incredibly proud of CS3 Design’s growth and success. We value the relationship we’ve built, and we’ll continue to deliver fast and efficient solutions for any of their future needs.

The Hatfield creative team always exceeds expectations with their fast response times and creative solutions,” said Sardinas. “Everything from initial consultations to delivering the finalized product is a smooth and non-invasive process.”

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