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Here at Hatfield Media our reputation for professional commercial videos bring us many requests to make an event or topic come to life. When Madden Elevator reached out to us for a corporate video we knew we had to capture their essence of service and success, "Exceeding Expectations" because that's the job of a great corporate video.

Corporate Video:  The Opening

How does one capture an elevator service company's work in a simple intro? The first thing we do for all our customers is learn their business. At Hatfield we don't try to fit customers into a preconceived box.  Instead we learn as much as we can and adapt it for our clients in corporate video, website design, or other creative solutions. We asked the question, what drives an elevator?  The answer: "the machine drive" which you can see here in the opening screen as we have it rotating in Madden's colors and the signature "M" complimented by their tagline "Exceeding Expectations" which is exactly our goal for this video.  The animation serves as a company identity piece, and a consistent bookend for all future videos. Corporate video company in Louisville Kentucky

Corporate Video:  Building Trust

As evidenced by Twitter, Vine and the death of traditional news outlets, our attention spans are dwindling.  In order to convey an effective message through video, it is essential to cover a sizeable amount of material in a brief and compelling format.  These days if your video length exceeds several minutes you've likely lost over 60% of your viewership. In this video we were able to capture the core message in under 90 seconds, without forcing significant compromises. Building trust in a limited time is a challenge for many. Here, for the next segment we demonstrate real elevator action footage with Sean Madden, the President of Madden Elevator, speaking on their dedication to quality and service.

Corporate Video: Unique Value Proposition

There has to be a compelling reason for potential clients to do business with your company over and above the competition. In the next segment Sean highlights the unique value proposition Madden brings to it's clients. We take joy in showing the office and local staff as he highlights no surprise charges or fees, as is common in the elevator industry, then finishing with video of elevator's being worked on. commercial corporate video builds trust

Corporate Video: Closing the Deal

In the next section Sean affirms Madden Elevator's commitment to take care of their customers' elevators and do whatever it takes to make it right.  One of the biggest hurdles to online marketing is the lack of humanity within the web itself.  Often times websites are a cold and distant place, devoid of personal contact.  The goal of each website we design (such as is to effectively communicate the personality of the company as well as their unique value proposition.  This video helps provide a more personal interaction with future clients, which in itself is a platform.  Sean affirmed what you'll not hear from other elevator companies:

"Our goal at Madden Elevator is to service the elevator as if it was our own and treat our customers like family."

Madden Elevator's Corporate Video

Now that you've seen some of our approach and strategy into making a great corporate video take a look at the final product. Let us know what you think. If Hatfield Media can bring your business to life with your customers let us know, we love doing amazing corporate videos and just like Madden Elevator our goal is to:  "Exceed Expectations" If you'd like to learn more about Madden Elevator and the amazing services they provide visit

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