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Website Design Helps Sell Property

Commodore’s Retreat offerd beachfront condos near Seaside, FL. The incredible views and charming surroundings are one complete package for interested vacationers. We wanted to give customers a glimpse of what they can expect by presenting them with a clean and easy-to-navigate website. The full-width photos and colors offer the visitor a good idea of what’s to come on their beachfront vacation. Just from looking at the homepage, they know that beautiful sunsets and warm beaches await!


Great Photography

Having great photos for your website is key to make a lasting impression on your visitors. Especially for a renting a condo! Take the time to take some large, high quality images to really impress them from the first click. Is your website loading slow? We know how to compress the images while retaining the quality of the images, using them to their greatest advantage. Consider using larger and more colorful photos on your website.

Location, Location…

Looking for vacation rentals can be time-consuming and difficult. You want your experience to be as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why it was our goal to make Commodore’s Retreat easy to navigate. We placed information in easy-to-access spots with relevant photos and information. Be sure to keep your info updated or people will wonder if you’re still there! A nice “2016” displayed on the front page invites visitors into planning a great vacation for this summer.

Invite and Inspire with Great Web Design

Whether your customers book on the spot or bookmark your page for later, you can leave a lasting impression with the design of your website. Don’t wait another day if you feel you’re due for an update! Call Hatfield Media for a free consultation and we’ll deliver.

Selling The Business

Following two years of high-end website design, Commodore’s Retreat was sold to a management firm.  The folks we worked with directly had a successful exit from the business and it continues to be a success story we will cherish!  Tom and Donna, we love you.



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