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Bluegrass Indoor Karting

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Bluegrass Indoor Karting is the best indoor racing facility in Louisville Kentucky.  Equipped with top-performing cars with top speeds exceeding 40mph, this is not the go carts you grew up with.  Helmet and neck-guard required!  As the agency of record for Bluegrass Indoor Karting, we were forced to do quite a bit of 'market research' to really understand the business model.  It is safe to say, we are fans. In January we completed a website redesign for Bluegrass Indoor Karting.  The new site is fully-responsive and adapting and improving on a regular basis.  As a marketing agency we are focused on producing results for our clients.  This includes only taking on one marketing client per-industry per-region.  The result of this loyalty and hard work is increased lead generation for our clients, stronger business insights and general website intel. Visit -
Indoor racing has the difficulty of being a task which must be experienced.  A static website is not necessarily the most effective form of communication for an interactive task, hence the benefit of video production!  The ultimate task is to put someone in the seat of a kart, have them experience the fun (sights, sounds, sweaty palms, etc) but even forcing someone to watch a racing video beguiles the intensity and fun of the communal act of racing!
Our goal with this commercial was to bring viewers into the facility and let them experience a snapshot of how racing happens and how much fun it is to tear up the track!  First-time racers at Bluegrass Indoor Karting are frequently blown away by the power of the karts, the professionalism of the staff and (importantly) how fun it is to go race!  No one races alone.  This business is built on community and competition.  From corporate events to private parties to highly-competitive tournaments, Bluegrass Indoor Karting caters to groups and events of all sizes!  

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