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When you have a message to share, there’s no better way than with a captivating video. From live broadcasts to music videos to factory tours, Hatfield Media has been privileged to empower clients across the United States to communicate in fresh ways with their audiences. Every step of the way, our Video Production Team passionately pours creativity, technical precision, and sharp imagery into each video made. Our goal is to ensure that in every frame, the focus is you.

Captivating Video Production

Hatfield Media’s work ranges from music videos to factory floor tours, commercials, and beyond. Our crew specializes in providing full range video services, including producing cinematic 4K content, precise post-production, motion graphics and 3D animation, live streaming, and strategic content distribution. Using industry-leading equipment, we have all the tools and skills to bring your vision to life!

Looking at each client’s brand or product, our team tailors their approach to best engage their unique audience.  We take on every production with a fresh perspective, both in their messaging and visual style. “Using our collection of video equipment, we’re able to deliver a cinematic, compelling, and effective message,” notes Chuck Rogers, Director of Video Production. Whether that is simply using a tripod and camera or using a complex camera dolly system, we make sure the tools that we use engage viewers as effectively as possible.

Hatfield Media Video Production

With round-the-clock access to our professional studio in Louisville, KY and traveling van, we are able to be wherever you are and capture the moments that matter. Our portfolio of work represents productions in industrial and corporate settings, rain or shine, both in the greater Louisville area and across state lines. When it comes to developing a crisp and gripping video, our team works joyfully to do whatever it takes to make it a reality.

Hatfield Media Video Production

Focused on You

In marketing, the value of video production is precisely in its power of expression. “When it’s done right, you can talk directly to your viewers and create that first human interaction brands look for when trying to reach their audience,” underscores Isaac Harrison, Producer. “You have the opportunity to meet your customers face to face.” 

Robbie Myers, Producer, adds that “if a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video has 24 pictures per second, that’s 24,000 words per second.” When we partner with a client, our ambition is to leverage every drop of that story-telling potential to convey your message with authenticity and the same passion your own team has. 

Through client interviews, research, and close communication, our team takes care to absorb a company’s identity, goals, and culture. We believe that your objectives are significant and the top priority of any project, which is why our purpose is to illuminate them as the core focus of the video. In every aspect, “we try to get not only the facts about a company but also the thought and heart behind it, so that we can best represent that,” notes Bryce Ury, Producer.

Behind the Cameras

From initial consultation through final delivery, our Video Production Team is positioned to serve clients with friendliness and skill. Their collective decades of experience spans multiple specialties that contribute to powerful video production. We take joy in using those talents to come alongside businesses and produce compelling, ultra high-definition videos. 

Skill and equipment are invaluable to professional video quality, but we believe that our most valuable asset to share is our people. “While we use some of the most powerful equipment in the industry,” notes Harrison. “The unique talents each member of our team brings to the table is what keeps us growing and improving with each new project.”

“The most precious thing we have is our people,” reflects Douglas Grillo, Motion Graphics  Designer. “Anybody can have the same camera, but the person holding the camera at Hatfield Media cares so much about the projects and people they’re working with.”

Hatfield Media Video Production

Hatfield Media's Video Production Team: Isaac Harrison, Producer (Top Left); Chuck Rogers, Director of Video Production (Top Center); Robbie Myers, Producer (Top Right); Douglas Grillo, Motion Graphics Designer (Bottom Left); Bryce Ury, Producer (Bottom Right)

Put Your Message in Motion

Put your message in motion with a professional video production team behind you. Hatfield Media’s team would love to connect with you, discover your company and vision, and provide a free, no-obligation consultation. Contact us to learn more today!

Powerful Video Production

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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International Diamond Center – Marketing, SEO, Web Development & Design, & Video Production

Hatfield Media Ecommerce Website Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Motion Graphics, SEO, Video Production, Website Design & Development

International Diamond Center (IDC) is a premier jewelry retailer in the Florida and Georgia areas. IDC has been in business for over thirty-five years and is now an industry leader in exceptional fine jewelry and diamond engagement rings. In 2019, Hatfield Media was privileged to join in those efforts by providing a spectrum of digital marketing services.


Before You Ask Her, Ask Us

Built on family values and a commitment to providing a high quality shopping experience, IDC elevates the jewelry-buying experience to one that is trustworthy, caring, and unique. Founder and President, Keith Leclerc, leads the business with the belief that “International Diamond Center is more than a jeweler — they’re a family.” Those fundamental values echo through each of IDC’s nine showroom locations. Jewelry-buyers in Gainesville, Port St. Lucie, Savannah, Clearwater, Tampa, Altamonte Springs, and Orlando know that when they visit their local IDC showroom, they will quickly find friendly, professional, and knowledgeable service to make the right purchase. 

International Diamond Center - Website Design

At International Diamond Center, their motto is, “Before you ask her, ask us.” They understand that a proposal is one of a person’s happiest moments in life, and the right ring makes it all possible. That is why IDC is committed to being a trustworthy, pressure-free resource for education and exploration of diamond engagement rings. Featuring a large selection from top designers such as Forevermark, Tacori, and Verragio, couples in love easily find the ring that will symbolize forever their affections. Toward that end, it is the vision of IDC’s VP of Marketing, Brian Stamey, to “continue to provide exceptional value to the consumer, providing them with trustworthy and quality merchandise at a substantial value.”

Multifaceted Website Evolution

Providing an incredible in-store shopping experience works in harmony with also offering a sparkling online shopping encounter. Whether a person is shopping for jewelry for themselves, a special occasion gift, or the milestone of engagement, they begin their search online. For that reason, Stamey came to Hatfield Media for SEO and website services. In his initial conversation with Drake Hatfield, President and CEO of Hatfield Media, Stamey discerned that “Drake is extremely intelligent and on-top-of the marketing and development aspect of the industry. His philosophy is really client-first, truly doing what is in the best interest of the client with a long-term approach.” Soon thereafter, our team got to work.

The most important website objective for us was to “make sure it is modern, beautiful, and functional,” as described by Stamey. In the fall of 2019, our web developers created and launched a sparkling new IDC website with device and browser optimization, and a seamless eCommerce experience. The new website beautifully expresses the full spectrum of jewelry and services offered by IDC with bright and clean design, interactive features, and user-friendly navigation.

International Diamond Center - Website Design

Our web development team thoroughly enjoyed the experience of building IDC’s new website. “IDC was a particularly compelling opportunity for us. Our work began with the simple objective of an aesthetic facelift for their previous eCommerce website,” recalls Ray Tri, Website Developer. What began as a visual project became a thorough improvement project, diving into the realm of eCommerce and digital marketing as a whole. A large and highly beneficial aspect of that became transferring IDC’s eCommerce platform to Shopify. “Through Hatfield Media’s partnership with Shopify, we had access to resources that would allow us to really push the limits. Empowering an absolutely stellar business-to-consumer experience is very enjoyable,” says Tri. 

Sparkling SEO

Coupled with the new website, Hatfield Media is also continually serving IDC with excellent Search Engine Optimization. When partnering with a client for SEO, our team focuses on analytics-driven approaches to keep our clients ahead of the curve. As IDC’s website continues to develop and grow, so also does their SEO performance. “The quality of visitors coming to our site is much higher,” Stamey notes. “Visitors' time on the site has doubled, the bounce rate has decreased 400%, and Our eCommerce sales have increased 200% in the last year,” Stamey recalls. 

Sparkling SEO, combined with creative ads and the use of Shopify as a platform, has taken IDC’s digital presence to a new level of greatness. After the decision to move the website to Shopify, Stamey has been “ecstatic” about the results. “It’s so intuitive and user-friendly. We’ve seen a much better conversion with sales, and I think that the SEO will only continue to increase that,” says Stamey.

International Diamond Center - Website Design & SEO

Capturing the Essence of IDC

During the course of Hatfield Media’s partnership with International Diamond Center, our video production team has assisted in the production of three YouTube commercials with enthusiastic plans for future videos as well. Currently on IDC’s YouTube page, one video in particular showcases the talent of Video Producer and Motion Graphics Designer, Douglas Grillo. In the final third of the short “IDC & Tacori” commercial, Grillo had the pleasure of seamlessly incorporating a motion graphic of IDC’s Florida and south Georgia locations. “We wanted to create something that can look elegant, clean, and smooth to help create a visual impact,” recalls Grillo.

For inspiration, he looked to the multifaceted grace of a diamond. “Using some characteristics from jewelry helped us to define the materials applied to the graphics, like the small IDC logos, the tridimensional Florida map, and even the floor where it sits,” he notes. The end result is truly dazzling, evoking imagery of a beautiful jewelry showroom. Grillo describes the imagination behind the design as thoughtfully using “small and subtle camera movements to help show the IDC locations as if they were jewels on display.”

As an integral piece of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy, video production makes a noticeable impact. “For us, video is even beyond eCommerce and web,” says Stamey. “Video content is how consumers increasingly prefer to interact.” Videos capture stories, thoughts, and messages in a way that few other mediums can. In anticipation of continuing video work with Hatfield Media, Stamey underscores that he is “excited to work with the video team to get some brand stories and good emotive videos that speak to the essence of what IDC’s brand is — a family business that likes to have fun. At the end of the day, we want the whole jewelry-buying process to be enjoyable.”

Crystal Clear Future

Looking at these present successes and to future projects, Stamey notes that the culture of Hatfield Media is what makes this Florida resident feel at home with a Louisville marketing agency. “Coming up here, meeting the team, and seeing the culture that Hatfield has makes me much more comfortable with having an agency out of state. Having someone whose advice you can trust and who has your best interest at heart” makes a meaningful difference. This established trust not only nurtures a positive client relationship but also supports ongoing efforts to help IDC shine. In Stamey’s words, “The proof is in the pudding, and the results speak for themselves. It has been a huge blessing for us to have discovered Hatfield, and I’m excited to see how that partnership is going to evolve.”

Hatfield Media is extremely pleased with the way International Diamond Center has flourished during our partnership. “Working with International Diamond Center continues to be a joy. Brian's trust in our team's abilities has allowed us to fully leverage our creativity and skill, which continues to yield a dramatic increase in quality conversions for all of IDC's divisions and locations. We look forward to continued partnership and growth for IDC,” Drake Hatfield, President and CEO of Hatfield Media.

International Diamond Center - Hatfield Media

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Greater Louisville Inc. COVID-19 Crisis Support Hub: Website Development

Hatfield Media News, Non-Profit Website Design, Website Design & Development

As global, national, and local community efforts to combat COVID-19 continue, small businesses face new and unique challenges. In a combined initiative to serve businesses navigating this pandemic in the Greater Louisville region, Hatfield Media has partnered with Greater Louisville Inc. to provide support, education, and advocacy during this time.


Growing the Regional Economy

GLI is Louisville's Metro Chamber of Commerce. Based in downtown Louisville, GLI was named the Top Chamber of Commerce in the United States in 2019 by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE) for their efforts to connect businesses and keep them informed. The largest Chamber in the region, GLI is an investor-led nonprofit that promotes business, advocates for business with the state and federal government, creates unique programming to help businesses grow, and implements strategies to grow the regional economy. With current events surrounding the spread of COVID-19, the voice of local businesses is loud and clear in desiring guidance and advocacy.

Louisville Crisis Support Hub

Serving Local Businesses in the COVID-19 Crisis

In response to the most pressing current needs for local businesses, GLI is spearheading a new digital resource: the Greater Louisville Crisis Support Hub. At a time when news and protocols around COVID-19 are continually developing, the Crisis Support Hub is a place for entrepreneurs and business leaders to find the latest information from reliable sources to address their unique needs. Touted in the Kentucky publication, The Lane Report, this website “serves as a hub for the many resources available to businesses navigating the uncertainty associated with COVID-19. Through the new site, businesses will have access to accurate, up-to-date information on this crisis and news on how our region is responding.”

GLI understands that uncertainties are widespread and that the local economy is, in many respects, taking the greatest hit. However, despite the physical separation brought by social distancing, our community is more united than ever. As each of Greater Louisville’s local businesses strive to navigate this difficult time with grace, GLI is here to help. Whether a business has questions about health in the workplace, financial support options, or information on employee support, GLI’s Crisis Support Hub offers these and more for free.

When asked about the Crisis Support Hub, GLI President and CEO, Sarah Davasher-Wisdom, said, “We are facing a crisis unlike anything our community has seen before. It is incumbent upon us as a community to do all we can to educate and assist one another. GLI is honored to step into this role and provide much needed resources for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

A Digitally United Community

In uncertain times, the strength of a team is of critical importance. Along with other local business advocates, Louisville Forward, Louisville Independent Business Alliance (LIBA) and the University of Louisville College of Business, Hatfield Media is honored to have a key role as partners to the Louisville Crisis Support Hub. “We are proud to partner with these organizations to provide an online resource for our community during these uncertain times,” said Clark Absher, Chief Business Development Officer. Connection and advocacy is more digital every day, both due to cultural shifts and social distancing, and we are able to assist with powerful website design and development. Absher continued, “Our web development team leads, Steve Clark and Ray Tri, did a fantastic job building this website. We hope this site will assist businesses to keep pushing and moving forward. We are all in this together, and we’re here to help.”

Louisville Crisis Support Hub

The primary objective of this resource is to take Greater Louisville area businesses from a reactive state to a proactive state, standing together with strength and equipped with reliable information. For the sake of each business impacted, time is of the essence, and Hatfield Media took care to develop this website in record time. Ray Tri, Lead Back End Developer, describes this as “a particularly motivating project for all of us, as we are all eager to do our part during these difficult times.” 

Just as we are united as a local community, the team and partners who worked together on this project exhibited impressive flexibility, communication, and trust. “It took that flexibility from GLI and a lot of coordination within our development team to make this happen,” says Tri; “We’re ecstatic that everyone was able to work together and of what we were able to accomplish in a very short period.”

Louisville Crisis Support Hub

Persevering Together

Hatfield Media has been a member of the private business sector in Louisville for ten years. During that time, we’ve continued to enjoy the privilege of working with many other businesses, near and far. Because of this, we share GLI’s ongoing passion for a supportive economic community, especially in times of crisis. “Hatfield Media has been a longtime supporter of GLI and the phenomenal service they provide to Louisville businesses. It is an honor to work together on the Greater Louisville Crisis Support Hub website,” states Drake Hatfield, President and CEO of Hatfield Media. There is no challenge that we cannot face together, and this new digital resource helps ensure that the Louisville regional economy will overcome. Hatfield continues, “Together, we are confident that we will all weather this storm.”

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media
Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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B Simm You Don't Want These Cards

B Simm – Video Production, Apparel & Marketing

Hatfield Media Branding, Ecommerce Website Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Motion Graphics, News, Photography, Product Photography, Video Production, Website Design & Development

Cardinals fans are coming out strong for a new music video from local music artist, B Simm, as Louisville sports legends join him to remind the world — “You Don’t Want These Cards.” University of Louisville fans can now support the team with a whole new line of Cardinal apparel. B Simm just released a new music video for what has become the popular UofL rallying cry, ‘You Don’t Want These Cards.’ Hatfield Media is honored to be partnered with B Simm in his musical and entrepreneurial endeavors by providing website development, licensing, printing, eCommerce, video production and promotion.

Client: B Simm

B Simm You Don't Want These Cards


A triple-threat singer/songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur, Brandon Simmons received widespread recognition with the release of the original track in 2012. The beat was produced by Samuel "Beast” Elliott, which quickly became the University of Louisville’s student anthem and an essential track at game-day tailgate playlist. Elliot describes the song production as a process he “will never forget.” What began as a 3am call from B Simm became the new rallying cry. Recalling the first time he heard Simm’s demo, Elliot says, “at that moment the song was born. UofL got their anthem.

B Simm You Don't Want These Cards


B Simm worked with Hatfield Media for website development, licensing, printing, eCommerce, video production and promotion. When developing his website, Hatfield Media’s goal was to put his personality and music at center stage. This was accomplished by utilizing photography as a simple yet powerful story-telling medium with an edgy aesthetic to compliment B Simm’s brand. Developing a site with responsive and user-friendly features was also a priority, particularly to support the ecommerce element with the online store, which carries B Simm’s full line of CLC and NCAA Official Licensed Apparel through the University of Louisville.

Prior to working with Hatfield Media, B Simm had an established and successful history with selling his “You Don’t Want These Cards” apparel; however, the recent partnership has created new opportunities for the line to improve. In addition to Hatfield Media’s role in website design and development and licensing, the graphic design team led the way with fresh apparel designs. Morgan Fletcher was instrumental to the apparel design process, bringing the sentiment of the song and legacy it represents to life. “We took a deep dive into current design trends, tapping into the sports and music scene. I wanted to create a shirt that both men and women could wear. We also needed it to be relevant to current trends while remaining timeless like the song. The song is a classic pump-up song, and the bold shirt design gives you the same vibe,” Fletcher.

B Simm and Hatfield Media partnered with locally owned and operated printing companies, MPC Promotions and MPI Printing. It was these design updates that ultimately inspired B Simm to go forward with producing a new and improved music video. When asked why Simm wanted to make a new video for the song, he said, “Now that we’ve got the new design with the Cardinal bird, I think it’s only right to have an official video that matches.”


The “You Don’t Want These Cards” is more than a song; it’s a rallying cry. Isaac Harrison of the Hatfield Media video team described the production process as “a welcome challenge.” “The song is a way for fans to come together, and we tried to bring that feeling to the video,” Harrison recalls. The video team indeed captured that sentiment by employing powerful imagery along with gathered fans and UL greats. Many local Cards celebrities are featured in the new music video, such as: Patrick Henry Hughes, Mario Urrutia, James “Elmo” Elmore, Tony Williams, Lorenzo Mauldin, and Brandon “B More” Herring. “The best part about it,” Simm said, “is getting Denny Crum in it, since he’s a legend.” It is all of these aspects working together that herald the legacy of UL athletics, celebrating that “when it comes down to it, we are all part of the Cards family,” Harrison.




Coming alongside B Simm is a privilege and adventure that we at Hatfield Media greatly appreciate. We are excited for his success and to continue our partnership. “UL fans rally around this song and Brandon as an artist. His drive and passion for music, love for the University and city of Louisville made this project a blast to be a part of. I would be lying if I said there weren't a handful of obstacles, but that made us dig in and push even harder. It makes seeing the final cut even sweeter. I am proud that Hatfield Media was a part of this project; our video production team went above and beyond. We're just getting started” says, Clark Absher, CBDO at Hatfield Media.

Shop the “You Don’t Want These Cards” collection online at:, Mine & Yours in Mall St. Matthews and all JD Becker locations.

Powerful video production

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Digital Works Web Design

Digital Works – Web Design

Hatfield Media News, Non-Profit Website Design, Website Design & Development

Client: Digital Works

Digital Works provides job training and placement for high-demand, telework professions.  Hatfield Media recently developed a new site for the company in order to assist them in better serving the needs of the network of communities around them. 

Digital Words Website Design


Developed in 2013 by Connected Nation, Digital Works is a program designed to help people who are looking for employment, rural or urban, who may need more training and equipping. 

Partnering with over seventy different companies, they provide services to a wide range of people from young adults to senior citizens, including those with disabilities. Digital Works trains these individuals on an array of tasks, from building a resume, to applying for a job. Recently, the company began focusing on providing these services to military spouses and veterans in order for them to be able to build careers as they move from place to place.

Digital Works Website Design


Digital Works’ demographic has varying skill with technology, so an easy-to-navigate website was crucial to increasing accessibility. It was particularly important for a service centered around the digital world, to be user-friendly, have clear components and be easily accessible. 

Hatfield Media helped Digital Works to streamline their website by making it look cleaner and more visually appealing. The new site is more inviting and easier to use, which is key to the demographic they serve. ‘Ultimately, as a company that uses tech, we need to be tech-savvy,’ said Jessica Denson, Director of Communications for Connected Nation. “Hatfield does a really great job of taking what I say I need and making adjustments without having to go back and forth twenty-five times. Your team follows through and makes those changes quickly, well surpassing what I asked for.” 

Digital Works Website Design

We used the most innovative technology to build a site that was high-speed and fully optimized.  “We can feature certain stories or display information to users in a way that is more eye-catching or produces more engagement. The website that we currently built follows modern UI principles that weren’t present on the previous website, so, in terms of navigation or presentation, it is more intuitive or logical for users to follow. It functions across a variety of browsers & devices, including mobile,” says Matt Swanberg, a front-end developer at Hatfield Media.


As a digitally-based company equally passionate about the value of services we offer our clients, Hatfield Media is proud to work with Digital Works, an initiative of Connected Nation. 

“It’s crazy how access to broadband can transform lives," says Denson. From “kids trying to do their homework” to elderly & disabled people connecting with virtual healthcare to simply enjoying community on social media, “accessibility transforms lives and helps people.” With the help of a newly modernized website, Digital Works can continue their efforts with added vitality to make a positive impact and facilitate connectedness for the populations they serve. 

We look forward to continuing work with them in the future in an effort to come alongside them in achieving their goal of providing easily accessible internet services to the urban and rural communities around them.

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Prestige Audio Visual and Creative Services – Event Partnership

Hatfield Media Audio Visual Production, Event Production, Website Design & Development

When you have an event to present, you can count on Prestige AV and Creative Services. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Prestige has become the Midwest’s leading provider of audio visual event production services. Recently, Hatfield Media was asked to partner with Prestige in an effort to build an online platform to host large audience live events.

Prestige Audio Visual and Creative Services Event Partnership

Premier Presentation

Prestige AV is a complete audio visual and creative services company serving Cincinnati, southwest Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Providing a host of resources, they promote a well-packaged product while still allowing you to work with a single point of contact. With over three decades of experience, Prestige AV delivers a premier performance.

Attractions - Kentucky State Fair

Partnering with Prestige

Hatfield Media was pleased to partner with Prestige AV while assisting them in adapting to the current climate in 2020. Normally operating out of packed hotels and convention centers, Prestige AV found its new normal centered around live events being hosted online. “The goal was to provide an interactive live stream experience with both live video and live-chatting during the event,” said Hatfield Media Backend Developer, Nathan Klein.

In preparation for the shift from in-person conferences to live streaming, Prestige AV initially created their own platform. Realizing the needed capability to host thousands, they came to Hatfield in an effort to ensure the highest quality web platforms at massive scale. With only 30 days until their first event, Hatfield Media kicked into overtime to create a platform that could support such a wide range of viewers.

Working with Prestige AV has really been a lot of fun. We were thrilled that we could augment their largest live events with our web development expertise, says Ray Tri, Hatfield Media’s Research and Development Director. “In a year where innovation and quick thinking has been more important than ever, it was quite exciting to be able to build, virtually, some of the largest live event spaces in the country.”    

Prestige Audio Visual & Creative Services - Event Partnership

Prestigious Platform Design

Prestige Associate Producer and Video Services Manager, Joshua Smith, noted that the Audio Visual industry took a nosedive when Covid-19 hit. Pivoting to virtual, they spoke to dozens of web developers, all of whom were intimidated by the scale and turnaround time Prestige AV’s customers expected. Smith says that Hatfield, “rose to the challenge and handled the backbone of what became event websites for our customers.” Holding up to 900 breakout rooms and thousands of attendees, these websites were large conferences requiring a creative mindset and short turnaround time. “Our customers are happy, we’re happy, and Hatfield continues to be a terrific partner,” Smith says. “Hatfield has been and continues to be amazing in this uncertain business climate.”

“With 2020 bringing a new shift in production to the industry, learning to work in virtual spaces has brought new challenges, new opportunities, and interesting new landscapes,” says Prestige’s Director of Operations, Shane Fisher. “When a long-time customer approached us with a new virtual opportunity involving 850 separate, pre-recorded videos, six concurrent live streams, and speaker management – all over a three-day period, I knew exactly who to turn to. Hatfield Media delivered beyond our expectations, even when they were given less than desirable turnaround times. From that moment, we, and most importantly our customers, have been blown away at the creativity, technology, and integrity that Hatfield has brought to our virtual offerings. Our team unanimously sings Hatfield’s praises at every opportunity and cannot wait for the next event to partner with them. Hatfield Media eases the stress of producing our virtual events and makes our offerings stand out in the virtual production world we all now live in.”

powerful event livestreaming

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimization. If your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Allied Air – Industrial Web Design

Hatfield Media News

Allied Air Enterprises, a division of Lennox International, is the ultimate source for heating and cooling solutions. Providing to distributors and dealers across North America, Allied Air delivers a one-of-a-kind advantage, with a portfolio of products that are “well-designed, well built, well tested and well supported.” Hatfield Media had the privilege of partnering with Allied Air to give their website a complete overhaul.

Allied Air Enterprises


Allied Air Enterprises is a division of Lennox International, an intercontinental provider of climate control products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets. Allied Air brings together the collective strengths of seven comfort brands – Armstrong Air™, AirEase®, Concord®, Ducane™, Allied™, Allied Commercial™ and Magic-Pak® – to give distributors and dealers the best possible solutions for their heating and cooling needs. From compact residential applications to large commercial projects, Allied Air redefines ease-of-business through breadth of product, resources and competencies unparalleled in the market.

Five factories across North America supply broad lines of residential and commercial products. Each builds to the same leading quality standards and provides redundancy and specialization. Allied Air’s team of engineers use cutting-edge technology to develop and test new ideas quickly and effectively. With engineering, product management, and our development technicians in close proximity, products can move from concept to reality faster.

Allied Air Enterprises


Allied Air Enterprises had a lot more content to offer than their original site could provide. The Hatfield Media team built an all new website from the ground up, with all new content, photos, and custom icons tailored their existing brand standards. 

The Hatfield Media video team traveled to West Columbia, South Carolina, to shoot B-roll and website photography. All video and photography featured on the new website was filmed by our team on location so that everything depicted could be authentic to Allied Air. 

Our creative team worked with the Allied Air marketing team to best communicate the Allied Air Advantage and other partnership benefits. Custom icons, maps and interactive features really create a new and improved look for Allied Air. A sharp video on the homepage, shot by our team on-site, packs a punch and underscores the new culture-based content. New imagery also highlight the quality and assurance one can find in partnering with Allied Air.


Hatfield Media is grateful for the partnership we’ve built with Allied Air Enterprises. It’s been a joy to discover the company’s story and communicate it digitally. We’re so proud to see the new website in action, and we look forward to continue serving Allied Air Enterprises future digital marketing needs.

“The new sends a far better first impression," said Trent Davis, Director of Marketing at Allied Air Enterprises. "The old site was caught in the past. The site Hatfield Media developed accurately reflects our values, our people, and our value prop. In addition, it’s a foundation we can build on and expand easily in the future.”

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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Sullivan University Center for Health & Wellness – Website Design

Hatfield Media Branding, Website Design & Development

Sullivan University is committed to leading the advancement of pharmacy practice through career-focused education and innovation. The Center for Health & Wellness, a licensed pharmacy within the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, allows faculty and students to provide direct patient care services to Sullivan University employees and students. The creative team at Hatfield Media recently redesigned the website for the Center for Health & Wellness by updating the branding and modernizing the content.


Sullivan University Center for Health & Wellness

Enhancing Wellness

Sullivan University’s Center for Health & Wellness is a licensed and functioning pharmacy within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Community pharmacists are highly accessible healthcare professionals, with many current and potential opportunities to increase patient access to health and wellness services. Through the Center for Health & Wellness, Sullivan University is able to educate future and practicing pharmacists in these care models to enhance the health and wellness of their communities. As pharmacists, the Sullivan University faculty and residents work with community partners and care teams to optimize health outcomes.

Sullivan University’s Center for Health & Wellness prepares pharmacists to practice at the full scope of their license, improving the health of the patients and communities they serve. Through community partnerships, the Center facilitate the dissemination and adoption of advanced pharmacy practice. The Center also seeks to employ education, research, and innovation to enhance sustainable patient care delivery models. 

Sullivan University Center for Health & Wellness

revitalizing design

When Sullivan University approached Hatfield Media with this redesign project, our team focused on increasing the accessibility for practicing pharmacists to learn about continuing education opportunities provided through the Center. Our team redesigned the site’s layout to better communicate important information and training materials while adding vibrancy for visual appeal.  

“We’re excited to bring the energy and life of the new branding for Sullivan University to their Wellness website,” said Christina Kuo, Project Manager at Hatfield Media.

Our team revitalized the Sullivan University logo with clean fonts and an emphasis on the university’s signature flame icon. The vitality that providers strive for in their patients is illustrated through the colors of the logo and website design. Information is easily accessed with new iconography and updated fonts. New imagery with custom photo treatment is featured across all pages.

relationship-based agency

Hatfield Media has had the privilege of serving Sullivan University’s digital marketing needs over the last two years. We cherish the relationship we’ve made with this fine institution, and we look forward to building upon it in the years to come. Whether providing live-streaming services or website redesigns, it is a joy and honor to work with Sullivan University. We’re excited to develop more content for Sullivan University in the future!

"I'm proud of the Center's new website. The content is more current, engaging, and highlights the exciting work we are doing at Sullivan University," said Dr. Katie Leslie, Director of the Center for Health & Wellness.

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

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Kentucky Baptist Convention Christmas Special – Video Production

Hatfield Media Audio Visual Production, Ministry Videos, Video Production

The Kentucky Baptist Convention is a cooperative mission and ministry organization made up of nearly 2,400 Baptist churches in Kentucky. Some of the convention’s most celebrated programs are the Children’s Choir, All-State Junior High Choir, and Youth Choir & Orchestra musical ensembles! For the last five years, Hatfield Media has had the joy of producing the convention’s holiday program, "Kentucky Baptist Choirs and Chorales Christmas Special.” The 2019 program will air on KET during the week of Christmas.

Kentucky Baptist Convention


The Kentucky Baptist Convention offers three different musical ensembles for children of all ages: the Children’s Choir, an auditioned choir for grades 4-6, the All-State Junior High Choir, comprised of 70+ students in grades 7-9; and the Kentucky Baptist Convention Youth Choir & Orchestra, a 60+ vocal chorale and orchestra for students in grades 9-12. These ensembles strive to keep musically talented youth involved and challenged in church music by addressing the social, spiritual, and musical needs unique to this age group. 

Every year, these choirs rehearse during a 3-day weekend at different times throughout the calendar year (the Children’s choir meets in late April, the Junior High choir meets in early November, and the Youth Choir meets in June), and the location rotates to different churches around the state of Kentucky. The ensembles then set out to present several worship experiences in Kentucky Baptist churches. 

During the different programs, each ensemble performs one Christmas song. For the past five years, the Hatfield Media video team has traveled across Kentucky to record all of the choir and chorale performances. The KET "Kentucky Baptist Choirs and Chorales Christmas Special” is a compilation of all the Christmas songs these ensembles perform. The result is a heartwarming, 30-minute special that has become a much anticipated hallmark of the holiday season for members of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

“We love Jason Stewart, working with him and the team at KBC,” said Chuck Rogers, Chief Technology Officer and video producer at Hatfield Media. “I’m blown away by the talent I see every year. The talent-level and ability of the staff to pull off a show in a short weekend is impressive.”

Kentucky Baptist Convention


The Hatfield Media video team is honored to have been part of this Kentucky Christmas tradition over the years. We look forward to working with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and producing future Christmas specials in the years to come!

“Hatfield Media has been able to communicate our message and methods through outstanding use of video and audio,” said Jason “Bubba” Stewart of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. “The whole team has strengthened our own visions and given us confidence in what we are doing. I cannot say enough good about Drake and every employee he has on his effective team. I would highly recommend the use of Hatfield Media for any type of communication need an organization might have.”

Tune in to KET1, KET2, or KET3

"Kentucky Baptist Choirs and Chorales Christmas Special" will air on the KET network during these times:

KET1  12/22/2019     Noon     

KET2  12/23/2019     7:30 p.m. 

KET2  12/24/2019     Midnight

KET3  12/24/2019     5:00 a.m.                                                 

KET3  12/24/2019     1:30 p.m.                                                 

KET3  12/24/2019     10:00 p.m.     


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A Loving Choice (ALC) – Web Design

Hatfield Media Graphic Design, Logo Design, Non-Profit Website Design, Website Design & Development

Over the last few years, Hatfield Media has built a strong, lasting relationship with local non-profit, A Loving Choice (ALC). We’ve had the privilege of producing overview videos and designing web content that tells the organization’s empowering story and mission.  Our team recently launched a newly redesigned website for ALC, complete with an updated logo and branding.


ALC - Free Services


ALC is a community resource that exists to support women and families facing or having faced an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Women today face difficult choices surrounding their pregnancies, and many have not received proper education to understand all of their options.  The non-profit organization encourages and equips women to make educated decisions about their pregnancy. ALC serves to meet the practical needs of unplanned pregnancy as well as provide spiritual and emotional guidance.

ALC Pregnancy Support Center offers a number of critical prenatal and postpartum care services, including pregnancy testing, up-to-date educational resources on sexually transmitted infections, limited ultrasounds, emotional support counseling, post-abortion care, and adoption referrals. In addition to services for women, ALC offers a variety of services for men, including parenting courses focused on fatherhood, confidential peer counseling, mentoring, and pregnancy education. Material assistance is also available to expecting mothers and fathers, which includes donated baby clothing, car seats, cribs, and bottles. All services are free of charge, and visits are kept confidential.

ALC - Consider Your Options


When ALC approached Hatfield Media with the desire to overhaul their branding, our team set to work on creating a new site that could communicate ALC’s mission with clarity and positivity. While the original website contained the Shelbyville location in its name and site title, the new website would not contain any specific location to reflect the organization’s expansion throughout the state of Kentucky. 

Our team was also conscious of the need to maintain brand recognition, as the original ALC logo had become a trusted brand for many new mothers and fathers in the area. The challenge was to create a new logo for ALC that was both recognizable and fresh. Original imagery featuring worried, anxious individuals was replaced with images focused on a more confident perspective. The brand’s new color scheme, which shifted from a pastel spectrum to shades of blue and seafoam green, communicates the calming and supportive nature of ALC’s team of caregivers. 

“ALC's original logo was a bit childlike in its initial appearance and color scheme,” said Rachel Smith, Project Manager at Hatfield Media. “Tweaking the design a bit and changing colors really helped to mature the aesthetic of both the logo and the website.”


The Hatfield Media team is proud to be part of the mission and vision this organization brings to the Shelbyville and Shepherdsville communities. We’re thrilled to see how ALC will grow and continue to make a difference in communities across Kentucky!

"Hatfield Media took great effort in making our new logo and website everything we wanted it to be," said Diana Cahill, Executive Director at ALC. "They listened intently, and were patient as we made changes to make sure it was just right. It was important to us that those seeking our services could easily find us in both locations, feel welcomed from the first click, request the services and information needed, while also being user friendly to our donors and partners. We wanted a logo that was professional and simple. What they created for us is what we envisioned, and we are so thankful for their partnership!"

ALC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by donations and the generous giving of sponsors. If you’re considering partnering with ALC financially, your donation will provide much needed support to individuals in Shelby and Bullitt counties. You can also donate gently used materials or volunteer your time with ALC. To learn more, visit

Responsive Web Design by Hatfield Media

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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