Oliver Uberti – National Geographic – NAMP Conference

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Oliver Uberti is a design editor for National Georgraphic. He spoke last year at the Americans for the Arts conference in Louisville, KY. In addition to working at one of the most respected magazines in the world, Oliver spoke with great insight into the creative process. His presentation covered several projects he had developed, as well as just the concept of creating art and telling a story. If you have not seen him speak, please check out the video. We produced the live broadcast which is seen in this clip. It was a joy to work for Americans for the Arts!

Oliver Uberti’s website – link

Direct video – link

Scott Stratten – Social Media Expert – NAMP Webcast

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In 2011 National Americans for the Arts had a conference at the Louisville Marriott Downtown.  We produced the live broadcast during which Scott Stratten spoke.   Scott’s presentation was on social media, with a key phrase being ‘Share the Awesome!’  Throughout his presentation we frequently found ourselves saying amen to everything he was saying.  He addressed false motives for tweets/facebook comments, how to present ideas online, and most importantly… if you don’t have something to say, be quiet.  I find that frequently comments on twitter/facebook/google+ are just attention seeking random thoughts.

To hear an influential speaker (he works with Adobe and other major companies) address all of the problems currently being faced by so-called industry professionals, was beyond refreshing.  I would highly encourage you to watch his presentation in totality.

Scott’s website – link
Direct video – link

Lantech of Louisville – World’s Greatest TV Show – Ion Network

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Lantech of Louisville was featured on the Ion Network’s “World’s Greatest” TV show.  Lantech is the company who pioneered stretch-wrapped which is now used in every transportation industry worldwide.  If you are unfamiliar with that term, consider a load of bottled water being transported on a truck.  Generally the pallet and product are wrapped by a thin plastic material which ensures everything remains in order.  Lantech develops and manufactures those devices.  Our work can be seen throughout this episode although editing and post-production was produced by How2Media out of Florida.

Direct video link – https://vimeo.com/42281232

Zoeller Pump Company – Corporate Promotional Video

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Zoeller is the world’s leading pump company based in Louisville Kentucky.  They have a long-standing history of creating the world’s longest-lasting and most reliable pumps.  Each pump is stress tested to ensure that the pump not only functions properly off the line, but that it goes in the ground and stays in.  This video highlights a few key aspects of the way they do business, their company philosophy and the family-minded attitude.

Direct video link – https://vimeo.com/42741713

ITW Powertrain Fastening - TV Video Production - Hatfield Media

ITW Powertrain Fastening – “World’s Greatest” TV Show

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ITW Powertrain Fastening creates parts for the auto industry.  This video features some of our work as utilized by How2Media and their TV show “World’s Greatest”. Portions filmed by Hatfield Media in August of 2011 including macro-photography and machining.


ITW Powertrain Fastening – https://www.crestproducts.com/

World’s Greatest/How2Media – https://how2media.tv/

Hatfield Media – https://hatfieldmedia.com/portfolio/