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Google SEO – Penguin 3.0 – Battle Against Poor Content

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 Google just released Penguin 3.0, the latest revision to Google's core search algorithm.  The result?  Cheap content suffers, and original content producers are rewarded!

Don't Panic! Google's Penguin is your friend!

The latest update to Google's search engine is a blessing to good businesses! I repeat, DO NOT PANIC!  Penguin 3.0 is largely a slap on the wrist for companies who have outsourced the SEO to blackhat companies.  Google has elaborated on the impact by stating that the queries affected amount to less than 1% of global search.

Website Marketers vs Search Providers

A decade ago search engine optimization was nearly real-time.  Results were viewable within a single day in many cases.  Simple tricks would dramatically affect credibility on one search engine or another.  This effectively resulted in a war between website developers and search engine providers.  In 2014, the results are no longer instantaneous. Google's perspective is a unique one in that every algorithm change can make or break businesses.  Larger businesses who have outsourced link-building can be heavily rewarded it numbers are the main factor, or heavily penalized if the quality of the links is weighed more heavily.

Long-term SEO is a slow-moving ship

Google has a wide variety of factors that affect pagerank.  From length of time your site has been around, to frequency of dynamic content updates, to uniqueness of the content provided.  Google examines all aspects of your site from the code itself to speed to social media.  On the horizon is the weight of contextual search algorithms and the potential penalties of taking too long to get involved in social media.   The bottom line is that there are many factors pertaining to your website that can affect rank both today and years from now.  Your goal should be slow and steady growth, not quick temporary results.

If you are concerned about the state of your current site, contact us for a free consultation.  Whether your site has been negatively affected by the Penguin update, or if you are simply not getting the results you need, please consider contacting us!  We would love to look at your site and provide you with a comprehensive analysis.

JCPS – Live Event Streaming

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Hatfield Media was contracted by Jefferson County Public Schools, JCPS, to provide live online streaming services for a simulcast event.  This broadcast involved a multi-camera live shoot, integration of provided media, live lower thirds and a Skype feed from a location determined the morning of the event!  In many ways this showcases our ability to handle a variety of event formats, as well as the ability to execute with minimal amount of notice.  We are thrilled to have been chosen to produce the live broadcast and look forward to helping JCPS and other affiliates in the near future!  Original broadcast date: August 12, 2014

Live Online Broadcasting

Webcasting (live online broadcasting) allows an unlimited audience to participate in an event.  From global conferences (NACC) to multi-site education events, webcasting provides the ability for viewers to attend events utilizing any desired device.  All of our live event streams are sent out via HTML5.  This is the same technology employed by Google across Youtube.  The broadcast begins streaming immediately upon loading the page, and is visible across every device and platform!  Our goal is to serve event, conference and convention planners across the United States.  Although based in Louisville, Kentucky, we travel across the United States to provide live streaming services for events of all types. Contact us today for a free event consultation! [contact-form-7 id="1601" title="Hatfield Media Contact"]

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2014 North American Christian Convention - Live Streaming - Webcasting

2014 North American Christian Convention – Live Streaming Event

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JDRF – 2014 Mission & Vision – Video Production

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Hatfield Media was charged with producing a compelling mission, vision and heart video for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) of Louisville Kentucky.  For those of you not familiar with this organization, JDRF is currently seeking a cure for diabetes.  The common phrase used is..


JDRF is a true non-profit.  I have described this organization to others as a ministry.   By this I mean that the folks at JDRF would be involved in this organization, regardless of whether it was called a non-profit or not.  When a family member or close friend has diabetes, your heart is simply compelled to help.  This is a far different cause than “handbag” non-profits which exist in order to serve those involved in the leadership.  JDRF’s leaders are selfless and often have children/family members who are directly affected by diabetes.

Hatfield Media and Vimarc teamed up to produce the final video seen above.  The timeline was a bit pressed compared to other projects but we are pleased with the final outcome.  For those unfamiliar with JDRF it provides a top-level view of the problem and the need for a solution.  It is both personal and relevant without being invasive.  I would also note that the families who agreed to participate are simply wonderful people.  It was a joy to spend time with each of them and we hope to continue our involvement with JDRF in the near future.

Please consider getting involved with JDRF.  They hold events throughout the year and would love to have your support!

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Google Partners - Hatfield Media - Online Marketing Firm

Google Partners Event – Insights on Website Marketing

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Google held a major webcast for all Google Partners on March 21st of 2014.  As an affiliate we gladly hosted the broadcast at our Louisville offices.  Several Google top-level executives participated in the webinar and explained a variety of services to those participating.  Much of what they shared can be summed up in one of the last phrases from the webinar… “Agencies already know all of this.”  This phrase is completely true for agencies who pay attention to Google’s trends, requirements and platforms.  Out of all the concepts and services discussed, I would like to bring up a few highlights from the broadcast.

Graphic Design for Louisville KY Businesses - Hatfield MediaUNIQUE CONTENT

Google wants us to produce worthwhile completely original content.  Google does not want the equivalent of content re-tweets or stolen insights and famous quotes.  Google wants the web to be filled with completely unique experiences.  This can upset the balance of huge successful companies and small companies alike.  It opens the door for abuse as well as hard-earned success.  Ultimately, it rewards those who produce consistent original content.

The key word here is ORIGINAL.  Google is strongly hinting that it will begin to detract credibility and page-rank for sites which plagiarize.  A simple test can be performed within the Google Chrome browser by highlighting any given text on a website, right clicking and hitting “Search Google for…….”.  The same test can be run on images and is very helpful to photographers looking to keep tabs on their work.  Google is not saying that you need to write in gibberish or makeup your own words (although that would be a very interesting test!), but they are saying they will drop points for unoriginal content syndication.  If you are simply taking content someone else has provided publicly, using a featured image that you can find on Google image search, and adding in a few paragraphs in order to make it sound original, then Google will not be giving you much weight.

Remember, Google is the content aggregator. Every business needs to be writing, producing and publishing original content directly related to their customers. Original, relevant, consistent content.

Louisville Website Development and SEO - Hatfield MediaBE SOCIAL!

Social media is an offensive phrase to many established companies.  Ultimately it is just a modern, instant and far more diverse form of communication than anything available previously.  Google now takes into consideration what they call “social search”.  In otherwords, we tell you we are a video production company, our site says this, we say this on social.. but what are others saying on social?  Google suddenly cares about this information, and for good reason.  Time spent on social networks is increasing every year.  It is important to keep in mind the following info…

  • Myspace was established in 2003
  • LinkedIn was established in 2003
  • Facebook was established in 2004
  • Twitter was established in 2006
  • Pinterest was established in 2010
  • Instagram was established in 2010
  • Google+ was established in 2011

Let that sink in.  Not only does Google put weight on your social media presence, they are placing weight on an industry that was nearly non-existent 11 years ago!  This explains why so many companies are desperately looking for “Senior Level iOS Developers”.  They do not exist!  There is no iOS university, and by the time you leave with a 5 year degree, the information would no longer be current.  Heck, Livejournal (which is currently undergoing a serious restructuring/re-branding as a WordPress competitor), was established in 1999!  15 years tops worth of new business paradigm!

I point this out to say that this is all cutting-edge science fiction communication.  The vast majority of us grew up with limited technology.  1-800-CALLATT (collect calls), pagers, Gameboy, Walkman, Palm Pilots…  So many devices are now contained within your phone that it is beyond measurement.  A phone, a cell phone network and power will provide an endless array of tools.  Google recognizes the weight of this advancement, in particular as a relates to social media.  The emphasis here is on COMMUNICATION.  We use social media to communicate within our networks, and Google cares about our interests.

Google does not disregard these new forms of communication, but instead embraces them, places weight on them, and delivers top sites based on our online interactivity!

Video Production Company - Hatfield Media of Louisville KYGOOGLE LOVES AGENCIES

Google threw all of the weight back on agencies.  Why?  The Drudge Report!  Regardless of how you feel about politics, Matt Drudge changed the news world by being a content aggregation.  Matt Drudge does not create stories, he puts them all together and decides what is important.  Google does the exact same thing.  Google is a giant content aggregation which understands social, images, video and is able to recognize unique content.  Multiple Google experts during this webinar placed for the focus squarely on the shoulders of the agencies hosting the broadcast.  Why..?  Qualification, responsibility and expertise.

Throughout the webinar Google top-level executives explained the various services Google offers to small businesses.  These are not hidden behind a veil where only advertising & marketing agencies have access… These services are clearly available for all to see.  DIYers are going to do it themselves; successful businesses will partner with experts.  This is a very simple concept which provides a balance for everyone.  Small businesses and startups usually have no marketing budget.  Not a problem, Google lets you handle all of this on your own.  Larger businesses would be better-served to partner with an agency that specializes in organic search optimization and producing unique content.

This is the prime spot for me to make a case on why we should be considered for your marketing needs.  I will be glad to make that case, but I prefer to let our work do the talking.  Over the coming weeks we will be providing very specific case studies on the work we have completed for our clients.  Our goal is to build long-term clients by providing excellent results.  We work hard, have a vested interest in the success of our clients, and we understand what Google is demanding of modern businesses.  If you are interested in learning more about our company and how we can serve you, please contact us today!

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Zoeller Pump Company – 2014 Product Videos

Hatfield Media Business Videos, News, TV Production, Video Production

When Zoeller Company opened its doors as a family owned business in 1939, no one would have imagined then that 75 years later there would be a device called a computer that would contain a visual called a video that would be used to communicate with clients, sales staff and the public in general. Back then, print ads in newspapers and magazines and radio announcements were the most common form of advertising and promotional marketing.

Today, the Mad Men of advertising, the marketing analysts who capture data and forecast consumer indicators, and the social media strategists who promote globally at the push of a button all rely on one primary medium – video.

When clients, customers and consumers visit websites, they prefer – and in most cases, expect – video content that quickly and concisely communicates a message. When Zoeller looked for a production company to produce videos about their products for in-store ads, sales tools and their company website, they trusted Hatfield Media with the job. And for good reason.

Hatfield Media specializes in corporate marketing and product videos. Our success record with industrial videos is one of many reasons we are the preferred media production company among manufacturing firms. With all videos, content is king and we know how to capture the right image and convey the right message.

To learn how we can help your company reach the right audience with the right message and the right placement, contact us!

Vimeo Embeds

Zoeller – Grinders and Package Systems

Zoeller – Sewage and Package Systems

Zoeller – Sump Pump and Battery Backup


Youtube embeds

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Mountjoy Chilton Medley – TV Production

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As a video production company we provide services to a variety of clients and agencies.  One of those agencies is How2Media who produce “World’s Greatest” which airs on the Ion Network.  These segments usually feature a clearly defined value proposition and footage of the company at work.  For  this episode we filmed on-location at Mountjoy Chilton Medley here in Louisville, KY.  Mountjoy Chilton Medley is a large regional CPA firm which provides highly specialized services to a broad range of clients.

Our footage was used throughout the episode, albeit fully produced by How2Media and not in-house by our staff.  Although the grading is a bit heavy and dark around the edges, I believe they made good use of the footage we provided.  Very kind staff helped the shoot move along seamlessly!  We hope to have the opportunity to continue working with Mountjoy Chilton Medley!

For more information on Mountjoy Chilton Medley visit
Footage by
Segment produced by

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Alcoa Wheels – Live Event Webcast

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Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products

Live Webcast Unveiling of World’s Lightest Heavy-Duty Wheel

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Louisville International Convention Center


When Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products rolled out the world’s lightest heavy-duty truck wheel on March 27, 2014, Hatfield Media was there to capture the announcement by company President Tim Myers and broadcast it live over the internet.  The event was produced by Arras Keathley ( one of the premier agencies here in the United States.  In real time, online viewers shared an historic moment with both Alcoa, the world’s third largest producer of aluminum, and the commercial vehicle industry.

The unveiling of the wheel on the first day of the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, was a major press announcement and it underscored the company’s prowess for innovation.   Alcoa’s metals and manufacturing expertise has influenced critical breakthroughs in many industries, from aerospace and automotive to building and construction.  To manufacture the Ultra ONE™ wheel, Alcoa’s team of experts created a new alloy and by doing so, raised the bar on performance.

With the economy, energy industry and environment all hot topics on the country’s agenda, the announcement of a product that offsets the carbon footprint, lowers operating costs, increases productivity, and generates both fuel efficiency and increased payload for commercial trucking customers was a breakthrough with far reaching applications for a variety of industries.  It was perhaps the most significant milestone for Alcoa since their invention of the forged aluminum wheel in 1948.

While metals and technology innovation is Alcoa’s DNA, creative audio visual innovation is Hatfield Media’s DNA.  To learn more about the genetics of our business development products and services and how you can reinvent your own wheel, click here.

Click here to find out more about our live event streaming service!

Zach Longoria – Live Concert Film

Hatfield Media News

Zach Longoria is a soul singer from Nelson County, Kentucky.  Often times people like Zach get thrown into a very broad singer-songwriter category which can just as easily put JJ Grey right next to Jack Johnson.  The two couldn’t be further apart and the same goes for Zach.  His style is his own with a talent reminiscent of many previous great soul singers.  Rather than make comparisons to individual artists, I would encourage you to watch the video.

One of the misconceptions in marketing is the concept of a brand name.  “If only I can get my name out to the masses, I will be successful.”  Allow me to ask (and answer) a very honest question…  When have you gone to a concert because the band had a cool name?  (unless you are being facetious, never)  When have you ever purchased music without ever hearing the band or artist in question?

This is faith and proof interlinked.  Do not tell me how great you are, show me!  In the case of Zach, we can talk about music all day but until you have attended a show (or seen this video) you will not have an effective understanding of his style.  This show was filmed at The New Vintage at a Halloween party.  We took a simple approach with a two camera setup and a matrix sound tap which ended up being very effective.  Zach is currently working with Glasstank Productions!

Support Zach by being social:

Live Webcast - Myositis 2013 Conferene - Live Online Broadcasting

Live Webcast – Myositis Association – 2013 Conference

Hatfield Media News

Live Online Broadcasting
Saturday, 19 October 2013
Marriot Downtown Louisville

As more than 70 attendees of The Myositis Association Annual Patient Conference watched and listened to presenters at the downtown Marriot in Louisville, Kentucky, hundreds more watched and listened online as the conference streamed live and viewers throughout the world join as “virtual attendees.”

A viewer from the UK noted in the comment box just below the webcast how “blessed [she is] to be able to watch this, from England” – a great feature for both virtual attendees and on-site attendees logged on with iPads, laptops and mobile phones who want to share their thoughts and comment in real time throughout the webcast.  And, for facilitators who want to respond and dialogue with their internet community.

The all-day conference, which began at 9am and concluded around 5:45Pm after audience questions, gave those unable to travel to Louisville a chance to participate virtually so they wouldn’t miss out on the breakthrough research, therapy, clinical trials and nutritional details presented by the experts for conference goers – information critical to those suffering from the often debilitating autoimmune disease of Myositis, and the professionals who care for them.

According to the broadcast host, more than 9,650 viewers tuned in to the live webcast.  Combined with those on-site, that’s an impressive number of conference attendees.

Webcasts aren’t just restricted to speaker presentations.  Hatfield Media has multiple cameras to show audience responses and different angles, making viewership more interesting and more real.  And the capability to air the slide shows and videos presented, as well, means online viewers don’t miss a thing.  They enjoy the same audio visuals as those in attendance.

Webcasts have a long shelf life well beyond the day of the broadcast.  A video of the webcast was available to The Myositis Association conference organizers to upload to their website and distribute immediately following the closing session – not later in the week, which would delay the opportunity to capitalize on the momentum, energy and engagement of their audience and niche markets.

If you’re wondering what particular uses a live webcast offers conference hosts and organizers – besides increasing viewership, audience participation and real-time dialogue via facebook, twitter and chat roll – here are a few:

  • Increasing conference revenue by monetizing viewership.  While some hosts prefer to offer free online access, charging a registration fee for virtual attendance is another way to generate income.
  • Marketing this year’s video for next year’s conference.  What better way to promote next year’s conference than with footage of this year’s event and viewer comments.  This increases your opportunities for registration, sponsorship, trade show participation, fundraising, media kits and online publishing.
  • Negotiating speaker fees for next year’s conference. Content is king, and high quality videos are gold to speakers, their agents and Speakers Bureaus!
  • Increasing your search result ranking on Google.  Uploaded internet videos are 50 times more likely to rank high on Google search results than a textual page for any given keyword!  Translation – online vides exponentially increase traction of your organization’s web presence and your ranking in the top five Google search results – much more so than written content.
  • Generating post-event revenue.  Selling your webcast video to those unable to attend or watch online, those who attended and want the video for their personal library, and to distribution services that re-sale your video (and share the profit with you) is another way to generate income.

Web syndication is a particularly profitable way to realize revenue because other websites, online marketers and media outlets are always looking for good content and willing to pay for it.

Redistributing your webcast also increases your exposure, generates new traffic and increases your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – which continues to be critically important as increased internet competition amps up with more users, website domains, bloggers, news distributers and advertisers.

In other words, the more people view your video on other websites, the more it increases your web presence and the more likely they are to visit your website (and remember your name).

Even if you don’t charge a fee for syndicating your webcast, it’s great advertising!  And free advertising is like free media coverage – it has a monetary value that if purchased would most likely be cost prohibitive.

So the next time you plan your conference, be sure to include a live streaming webcast for those who want to attend virtually and for repurposing with long-term added value.  It can only help!

View samples of Hatfield Media’s live webcasts here.  For more information and free consultant, contact us!