Proximity Beacon Marketing

Hatfield Media provides advanced digital advertising solutions including proximity beacon marketing for businesses!  Beacon marketing allows companies to push out unique offers to clients via bluetooth messaging.  This marketing service provides a unique method for businesses, in particular service industry, B2C retail, hotels and entertainment attractions, to communicate offers directly to consumers, event attendees and visitors.

We are proudly based in Louisville Kentucky, and serve clients across the United States through custom software design and development. Proximity beacon marketing allows for interaction with the physical web through a mix of GPS and Bluetooth technology. This allows for native iOS and Android nearby notifications.

This technology allows businesses to provide a unique call-to-action which bridges the gap between real life and smartphone ecosystems.  Our goal is to merge geographical location based interactions with realtime events, rewards and triggers.  From food trucks to retail to conventions and events, proximity marketing in the future of the physical web!  If you are ready to learn more please consider reaching out to us to discuss in more detail!

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