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Atlas Machine & Supply – Video Production and Photography

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Atlas Machine & Supply, Inc., one of the largest heavy-capacity industrial machinery engineering, manufacturing and remanufacturing centers in the United States, is powered by people.

“Our product is the skills of our people,” said Richie Gimmel, President. “Without them we would have nothing to sell.” For over a century, Atlas has provided innovative solutions to meet challenges of the machine and supply industry. Each year thousands of companies around the world trust Atlas with the maintenance of their critical plant equipment. As a 4th generation, family business, they have a passion for caring for customers through innovation and safety excellence. Their people have the skills to keep your plant running smoothly.

When Atlas approached Hatfield Media looking for a new creative direction in their video branding, our team took a bare-bones, no frills approach.


“We tried to get the most accurate and authentic shots of the equipment,” said Isaac Harrison, Video Producer at Hatfield Media. “We aimed to get a visually appealing shot, while also staying truthful to who Atlas is as a company.”

Our video production team shot b-roll and stills at Atlas headquarters, capturing field machining services and their team in action. They were also able to film interviews during an on-site job at International Crankshaft, Inc. (ICI).

“[Hatfield Media] got great content for both the new press division and steel division,” said Chloe Dewsnap, Executive Marketing Assistant at Atlas. “


Harrison worked alongside fellow video team members Chuck Rogers and Douglas Grillo to complete the project. Shot in 4k, the team was took slow motion video and time lapses, as well as awe-inspiring stills and composite images of the company’s most impressive machines. Douglas Grillo created the animated logo featured in both videos.

“I stitched together composite images to control lighting,” Harrison said. “I wanted to draw attention to certain aspects of the equipment and the machinery’s detailing.”

Harrison said he and the team were conscious of the integrity of a shot. “We didn’t stage much of anything,” he said. “I tried to observe more than arrange. I wanted to capture Atlas employees in their typical work day.”


Photos from the shoot were used by Hatfield Media’s design team to create Atlas’s tradeshow booth. Additional footage was captured which will be utilized in the tradeshow booth display, as well as published on their website.

Harrison said the team enjoyed getting to know Atlas and their people, and he looks forward to building on this relationship in the future. “It was freeing to work with a client that had a clear vision of what they wanted, while also giving us the freedom to collaborate and create.”

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