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New Website for Louisville’s Bourbon-Certified Chocolatier!

Forest and Kelly Ramsey have an amazing story in becoming the creators of the Small-Batch Bourbon Truffle™. Their original recipes combine the flavor of chocolate and bourbon in ways that will make your taste buds applaud! Each truffle is graced with an artisan B.I.T. that helps you identify the bourbon infused inside. They provide an impressive variety of bourbons, from Kentucky and beyond to satisfy every craving. Importantly, their work in the craft chocolate market has been recognized by distillers and the bourbon community at large. This is evidenced by their amazing selection of premium bourbon-infused truffles.

Hatfield Media was tasked with designing a website as smooth as their chocolates. We can tell you from first-hand research that it is very challenging to communicate to an online audience just how stellar their product tastes. It is unlike any other chocolatier local or otherwise.

As an agency proudly established in Kentucky, we love the opportunity to showcase the homegrown products our neighbors are creating. Art Eatables is one appealing example as a bourbon-centered chocolatier and confectioner using Kentucky’s endemic refreshment as the heart of their gourmet treats.

Our goal in redesigning the business website was to highlight the delicate, hand-crafted precision that goes into each one of their bourbon-infused candies while featuring the unique qualities that promote the company as both a hometown favorite as well as an expert provider to the masses.

Continuing with a background of warm, rich colors, we added vivid photos demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality goods and exceptional presentation. Straightforward and inviting navigation was implemented in order to provide easy opportunities for visitors to explore, learn and purchase. Each element fits into a visual design that is both modern and elegant.

Further, the online store was updated to eliminate unnecessary searching and scrolling, featuring upfront, clean and itemized product listings- each containing comprehensive details. This allows for an enjoyable online shopping experience and easy purchasing process with just a few simple clicks.

Arteatables - Ecommerce Website Design

Final Results

The final website produced is a fully-responsive e-commerce store which remains flexible for a variety of shipping options, seasonal changes, and is performing outstandingly in terms of search engine optimization. Each truffle is displayed in a grid setting, making it easy for the customer to see what they’re getting. Hundreds of options are easily sortable through a filter specifying type of spirit and chocolate. Their non-alcoholic options are also too good to pass up! Once you bag your bourbon truffles and caramels, the easy checkout system will lead you to having chocolate on your doorstep in no time.

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