Advanced Pest Elimination - Website Redesign by Hatfield Media

Advanced Pest Elimination – Website Redesign

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Advanced Pest Elimination is a pest remediation company based in Southern Indiana, serving Louisville Kentucky and surrounding regions.  Advanced Pest specializes in pest control including, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and crawl space conditioning. Hatfield Media was tasked with a complete website redesign and branding overhaul.  From custom icons to new imagery, the new website is optimized for prospective clients!

“We Don’t Control Pests, We Eliminate Them!”
In the bug and pest remediation business, the popular term is “pest control”.  Advanced Pest Elimination focuses on completely eliminating the bug problem in your home or business.  From a full line of residential services to scalable commercial bug treatment systems, Advanced Pest provides real life solutions to bug problems.

Advanced Pest Elimination - Wrapped Trucks

Website Design + Business Growth

At Hatfield Media we place heavy emphasis on website performance.  From site load times to accessibility compliance, to search engine optimization, our goal is to produce sites which generate business growth. This year, Forbes Insights released a report indicating that 69% of top company executives plan to increase their performance-driven approaches.

Performance-driven content is a data-driven approach to content that can ensure your content ecosystem evolves the way it should, meeting the needs of your content consumers. For content marketers and content strategists, performance-driven content provides the fuel for effective and successful content solutions. Why? Because this method positions an organization to continuously assess how its content is performing, and from that perspective, make decisions on what to do with the content in the future.

Performance-driven content is not without its challenges and requires a significant commitment within marketing and content departments. A comprehensive approach is necessary and involves the entire enterprise. But do it well, and you will create user-centric content. In the process, you will achieve or even surpass your business’s goals and objectives. The Advanced Pest Elimination site paints a clear picture of what they offer as a company in a clear and concise way, with Monthly Service Plans being the ultimate end goal.

Advanced Pest Elimination - Pricing Guide

Killing Bugs!

Any and every type of content strategy framework should include a performance-driven model as a fundamental aspect to Hatfield Media’s content ecosystem design. Doing so means that the experience is scalable and able to evolve from a series of ongoing inputs and measurements as part of your SEO program. Done right, this approach future-proofs a content ecosystem, allowing the decisions that feed the ecosystem to be based upon data, insights and consumer research within the pest control sector.

Hatfield Media gets to know everything about your business before we think about a web design for you. In addition to revenue and client growth goals, we want to know about your culture, your sales process, who your top clients are, and how you are currently investing in marketing to grow your business.

By providing detailed product information in a search-engine friendly way, prospects are more likely to find your website for specific search terms. Buyers search very specifically, sometimes even including part numbers in their searches. By providing that sort of information on your website in a structured format, you make it possible for prospects to find and do business with you.

We’re currently living in a rising customer-centric business world. The customer is always right has never been truer. By delivering the information your prospects are looking for on a quality website, and making it easy for them to select and specify your products, you can potentially become favorable and top-of-mind.

Powerful web design & development

Hatfield Media provides full service website design and development4K video production and search engine optimizationIf your business is currently seeking a new web development partner, we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you!

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