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Over the last few years, Hatfield Media has built a strong, lasting relationship with local non-profit, A Loving Choice (ALC). We’ve had the privilege of producing overview videos and designing web content that tells the organization’s empowering story and mission.  Our team recently launched a newly redesigned website for ALC, complete with an updated logo and branding.


ALC - Free Services


ALC is a community resource that exists to support women and families facing or having faced an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. Women today face difficult choices surrounding their pregnancies, and many have not received proper education to understand all of their options.  The non-profit organization encourages and equips women to make educated decisions about their pregnancy. ALC serves to meet the practical needs of unplanned pregnancy as well as provide spiritual and emotional guidance.

ALC Pregnancy Support Center offers a number of critical prenatal and postpartum care services, including pregnancy testing, up-to-date educational resources on sexually transmitted infections, limited ultrasounds, emotional support counseling, post-abortion care, and adoption referrals. In addition to services for women, ALC offers a variety of services for men, including parenting courses focused on fatherhood, confidential peer counseling, mentoring, and pregnancy education. Material assistance is also available to expecting mothers and fathers, which includes donated baby clothing, car seats, cribs, and bottles. All services are free of charge, and visits are kept confidential.

ALC - Consider Your Options


When ALC approached Hatfield Media with the desire to overhaul their branding, our team set to work on creating a new site that could communicate ALC’s mission with clarity and positivity. While the original website contained the Shelbyville location in its name and site title, the new website would not contain any specific location to reflect the organization’s expansion throughout the state of Kentucky. 

Our team was also conscious of the need to maintain brand recognition, as the original ALC logo had become a trusted brand for many new mothers and fathers in the area. The challenge was to create a new logo for ALC that was both recognizable and fresh. Original imagery featuring worried, anxious individuals was replaced with images focused on a more confident perspective. The brand’s new color scheme, which shifted from a pastel spectrum to shades of blue and seafoam green, communicates the calming and supportive nature of ALC’s team of caregivers. 

“ALC's original logo was a bit childlike in its initial appearance and color scheme,” said Rachel Smith, Project Manager at Hatfield Media. “Tweaking the design a bit and changing colors really helped to mature the aesthetic of both the logo and the website.”


The Hatfield Media team is proud to be part of the mission and vision this organization brings to the Shelbyville and Shepherdsville communities. We’re thrilled to see how ALC will grow and continue to make a difference in communities across Kentucky!

"Hatfield Media took great effort in making our new logo and website everything we wanted it to be," said Diana Cahill, Executive Director at ALC. "They listened intently, and were patient as we made changes to make sure it was just right. It was important to us that those seeking our services could easily find us in both locations, feel welcomed from the first click, request the services and information needed, while also being user friendly to our donors and partners. We wanted a logo that was professional and simple. What they created for us is what we envisioned, and we are so thankful for their partnership!"

ALC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization supported by donations and the generous giving of sponsors. If you’re considering partnering with ALC financially, your donation will provide much needed support to individuals in Shelby and Bullitt counties. You can also donate gently used materials or volunteer your time with ALC. To learn more, visit https://alckentucky.com/support-us/

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